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Fruit Pack

Apples- 10 of them come bouncing like a ball. Total Dmg 20.

Peaches- So orange! They look like one but there not. Total Dmg 18.

Pears- There green like Veixs, light green. Total Dmg 15.

Oranges- So round, there so big they might do big oucheees! Total Dmg 31.

Bananna- Like a boomerang, goes directly to the nearest egg. Total Dmg 20.

Cherries- They small, they look like the smallest bullets on earth! Total Dmg 25.

StrawBerries- A Little bit bigger than Cherries, they might destroy you. Total Dmg 20.

More coming soon!
We already have a fruit pack (with grapes), we don't need another.
2 new stuff added to the Fruit Pack.

No. We already have a fruit pack. At least come up with your own ideas instead of deciding to come up with this thread just because vexis made a vegetable pack suggestion.
As the others mentioned, there's already a fruit pack. I'd be interested to see how you might develop on the 'banana' idea, though. The way you've described it, it's more like a homing missile. However, if it were to actually be implemented in the same way as a boomerang (the mid-air curve and return to the thrower), I think it could be an interesting weapon. I seem to recall something similar being suggested before, but I'm not sure what the overall consensus was.
I still think he made this thread as pure mockery of me.
The 'banana ' idea has a very interesting to it Smiley_BigGrin....
But in my opinion the other weapons are indirectly in the game,...and as the rest said, we already have a food pack. And also most of these weapons inflict too less damage Smiley_Tongue

The Banana idea can be developed like after throwing it....if it hits the opponent then oke ( maybe about 30 damage ) but if it does not it then it returns the same path but a little deflected due to gravity...So it would be a really interesting weapon.. Smiley_Smile
LOL We already have a fruit pack! Smiley_XD
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