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With the new addition of 5 more prestige ranks, I think it has become clear that there won't be any shells to unlock like you could with the BEO1 prestiges. So I was thinking instead of unlocking a shell by prestiging, you obtain it by getting a certain amount of XP to unlock them.

This is a design I came up with that I think would be cool to get this way, enjoy.

[Image: 1m_Fu3_Aa_1.png]

I was thinking you could unlock the shell by getting around 500k-1mil XP (not XP you already have). Anymore would make it a bit too difficult to earn with everyone prestiging and whatnot.
So I love pirate outfits, and I thought we needed more than just the level 22 pirate shell. Let me know what you think.

Pirate Captain

[Image: yarrrrrrrr.png]

I realized the map details on the hat would be unrecognizable in game, so I simplified it a bit more (final version).

[Image: yarrrrrrrrrr.png]


I had this idea in game a last week, and wanted to make something with horns, so this is what I came up with:

Forest Knight

[Image: Knight.png]
I can see that this shell is not similar to this, t

Anyway good work, love to see more of your shells soon.
The parrot and feather are nice touches!
nice work Smiley_Smile
Looks great!
Good job. But I think the parrot is like a little to much on the hat.
Glad ya'll like it :-)

(04-16-2015 02:05 PM)Gothic Demon Wrote: [ -> ]But I think the parrot is like a little to much on the hat.

Yeah you are right about that, I may adjust the visibility of the body later.
Updated with new shell.
Maybe you can make a map that goes with it so it you cant see the shell.
Those are really nice broo Smiley_ThumbsUp I LOVE THE TOUCHES of the Knight Shell Egg that's just AMAZING Smiley_Shocked
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