Full Version: make name Transparent when your turn comes-implemented
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i face this alot during match when i am about to shoot nade or big boom or any big weapon if i am already cornered or trapped in blown up terrain ,small part of terrain always get hidden behind the name. i accidentally shoot that part because i cant see it or too busy in aiming i missed entirely that small part of terrain is there.

my suggestion is when your turn comes name should get disappear or blurry so we can have more scope for aim. your name will still visible to other player only on your end should become transparent when your turn comes.

-implemented Smiley_BigGrin
I find this useful. I too sometimes have this problem. I can't think of any issues with this. This would help, nice idea. I support it!
This is a good idea, I think it would be supported by all. Remember in the top left-hand corner it tells you whose shot it is anyway; so there would be no confusion whatsoever.
Supported, It's so annoying and it makes the aiming harder.
Good idea, keep it up!
I some what support it since I do use my name for certain weapons with aiming
It looks like this idea has been implemented, your name does not disappear completely but it fades out somewhat so it is not in the way. Its very helpful indeed. Thank-you to the Donkins for listening to SenSei's idea.
I just found out that today. im glad they put it in the game Smiley_Smile
its working as expected yay Smiley_BigGrin
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