Full Version: Weapon suggestion - sprinkler
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The Sprinkler

[Image: 2ufdr2d.jpg]

A flat, elongated weapon with limited rolling capabilities when thrown. When it comes to a stop, it sprays out an arc of water droplets on either side. The radius of these water droplets would be approximately the size of a dirt bomb - the animation isn’t to scale, as you can probably tell. I'm afraid you'll need to use your imagination a bit with that part.

It isn’t an explosive weapon, so there would be no initial explosion damage from the weapon itself. Each water droplet would deal damage of four points, to a maximum of twenty-four points.
If it were to spray out less-damaging water drops rapidly, I think it would keep the realism of an actual sprinkler. As it is right now, it just feels like a lower damaging splurge grenade with a wider range of drops.

The design of the weapon itself is great, and having an animation for examples is always nice.

Hope to see more.
Thanks for the feedback! Smiley_Smile You made a good point. A greater number of droplets, with less of an impact, would probably be better.
Thank you! Although I'm not quite sure how to respond to that last part! Smiley_Shocked
Very Nice Idea Tally, But How Much Damage Would It Take?
i was just thinking about it tally, and this is just an idea your idea gave me.
What if when the droplets hit the ground it turned the ground into a type of quicksand permanently staying there the entire game. If an egg touched the eroded sections of terrain it would become stuck for 2 turns, and take 3 dmg per turn. This also affects the eggs that the droplets fall on. Say 2 damage per initial splash (possibly lots of splashes possibly fewer it's your idea you can decide, if fewer the dmg might need to increase). Not to mention the actual explosion of the elongated weapon you described, which can be a few points.

Remember the quicksand spots stay there the ENTIRE game.
Very nice work!but yes how many dmg takes?Smiley_XD
@ eeliolio, umm, might wanna edit your post there, pretty inappropriate. @1337, if you hang on this I will have no more words. Also, love the thought, description could be water the flowery eggs that are thirsty or something along the lines.
Thanks for the feedback!

The damage is specified in the final paragraph. Smiley_Smile

Vexis: Interesting! I'm not sure that we currently have any weapons with an effect which lasts the entire game, other than the typical holes produced by explosives! Smiley_Smile

The animation isn't really very accurate. I imagined the weapon to have more of a typical sprinkler effect anyway, with a spray of droplets, rather than just a single-lined arc. Unfortunately, my animation skills aren't currently good enough to allow me to portray that properly. Smiley_Tongue
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