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Hey guys, what weapon packs have you activated?
Especially, for new players, what package you recommended to buy first.

I personally think that the Weapon Pack 3 and Weapon Pack 8 are the best choices, for first buy. Smiley_Smile

Reveal your secrets! Smiley_Tongue
I have them all activated, but I don't really have a preference for any one pack/weapon over another. People often ask "which pack should I buy first". They're always told the same thing, it's a personal preference. Every person is different, and that makes the ability to try each pack before buying such a great thing. If you like how 1 pack works, then that's the one to get first (after trying each pack out, of course).
I bought them all. Though pack 9 is my favorite, eight ball suggestion(suggested by Smashed) is my favorite weapon. Now here is the reason, you have 8 chances to hit eggs and it changes color every time it hits the ground.
put all packs but 1 and 2 because most are weak. pack 3 is good because all kings men and elephants, pack 4 is good because of boxing glove, chicken, wall, pack 5 is good because ice dinomite, railgun, switcher, pack 6 is good because ice bow, panda, splurge gernade, and turrent, pack 7 is good because blue berry, goose berry and grapes of wrath, pack 8 is good because of plane, devil gernade, ghost bow, rocket slam, pack 9 is good because of all of them
Im the same as Tenchi, I love having all 9 active at the same time as it allows me to have a diffent match alot and makes me well rounded with all types of guns... now Pack 9 im still learning... very weird pack but I love it lol
Pack 3, 8 and 9 are the BEST! Although the other packs are also interesting but these three are the THE BEST Smiley_XD...

It may be that some other pack may be good but idk as i only have 1 Smiley_Sad (pack 8)
I have to go with Tenchi on this one. You have 9 weapon packs with 5 weapons in each of them 9*5=45 weapons.

Basically, really it is up to you what you choice like in my opnion I like all of the weapon packs because they can work in all game situations!
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i like the 3, 4, 6 ,7 ,8 and 9 their the best but
4, 8 and 9 are the best of all.
I like pack 8
Have them all but no 8(ironie)
Well, that can change from player to player, mine for example is pack 1, the one what comes with pro ( even tho I have them all ).
You should test them and buy the one you like most.
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