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Hi. i have Some Suggestions.

1. Weapon Pack 10:

Arrow in Love (Like Health Injection.) - Gives up to 25/30 HP to any person it hits.

Cluster Easter Grenade - 35/42 damage max (10/12 dmg on initial explosion, 5/6 dmg each on the 5 shots that pop up after)

Magnum - 16/23 damage max

Vehicle - 20/28 damage max (plus the explosion from vehicle which is 8 dmg)

Sword - 20/24 damage max

Wind 2x -101-200

Free Weapon: Jack in The Box - Unlocked at Level 54 - 20/2528 damage max - Can be controled - With Time [5] -

Free Weapon: Fire Punch - Unlocked at Level 60 - 24/28 damage max

Free Weapon: Wrecking Ball - Unlocked at Prestige 1 - 30 damage max

Free Weapon: Randomiser (Create platforms, random structures)
Recommended use in flat maps (PRO - Randomly generated)


-Removed Copyrighted Materials.

-Removed Clon.

*Added Pistol.

*Added Vehicle.

-Removed Shurikens.

*Added 3 New Weapons.
Is it just me.......or like do MOST of these weps sound like they are too overpowered????? Or is that just me...... Smiley_Confused.
mario etc won't be added since those are copyrighted and cost to get those would be too high.
Hey Guys, im Policiman.
i Maked some Edits on this Post.

Bad English? Sorry

Good Day/Night.
Some good ideas @Policiman...

But all these weapon ideas if enacted, the game would become too intense. Also the clones weapon would really depend on chance which will lead to lagging of some players to only one clone Smiley_Tongue and others to always 3 clones...

Also egg666 made a good point regarding Mario that it is already copyrighted and thus will be pricey..

But still the other ideas are good but their power needs to be downsized Smiley_Tongue....So keep making & figuring new ideas until you hit the jackpot.!!!!!!!
(04-09-2015 04:31 AM)Policiman Wrote: [ -> ]Clon - Gives the Option to Make a Clone of You. 1% Chance of 3 Clones. 9% Chance of 2 Clones. 90% Chance of 1 Clone.

What would be the point of these? We can't get shells from them, only 1 of "you" will fire and once you're dead, you're dead. Ultimately, this makes no sense.

Quote:2. Weapon Pack 11: (Special Doctor Who) (PRO Only, Because some weapons are very overpowered)
Sonic Screwdriver - 20 damage max
Daleks (Like Turret&All The King's Men) - 95/100 damage max (5 shots doing 7/8 dmg each) (30 shots doing 1 dmg each, plus the explosion from turret which is 5/6 dmg)
Cybermen (Like Robot Panda) - 45/52 damage max (20/22 damage on the initial shot, followed by 5 shots doing 5/6 dmg each)
Tardis (Like Atomiser) - 18/22 damage

Copyrighted material, won't be added. Not to mention that this pack is extremely over-powered (as a whole, not just individual weapons). Packs are meant for everyone, not just a select few.

Quote:Mario Shells:

Eggario (comes with: Weapon!)
Egguigi (comes with: Weapon!)
Eggwario (comes with: Weapon!)
Eggowser (comes with: Map!)
Eggeach (comes with: Map!)

Mario Weapons&Maps:

Fire Hand (Eggario)
Shock Hand (Egguigi)
Fart (Eggwario)
Eggowser's Castle (Eggowser's Map)
Eggeach's Castle (Eggeach's Map)

Copyrighted material from Nintendo. It's been suggested many times and won't ever be added (too expensive/time consuming, and you know that they'd want a cut of profits from each thing).

Quote:Doctor Who's Shells:

9th Egg Doctor (comes with: Map!)
10th Egg Doctor (comes with: Map!)
11th Egg Doctor (comes with: Map!)
12th Egg Doctor (comes with: Map!)

Dr Who's Maps:

9th Egg Doctor's Tardis.
10th Egg Doctor's Tards.
11th Egg Doctor's Tardis.
12th Egg Doctor's Tardis.

Copyrighted material, won't be added.
u have some ideias ther, work it out and ur in i think
There are some good ideas..but I have already suggested the Shuriken, so please delete it.
The clon idea was not -that- bad. What if it creates fake eggs on the terrain, and then you have to guess which one is the real egg? Of course, you get randomly teleported to another place after creating the clones.
Once you shoot, the clones disappear since you already revealed which one is the real egg.
Im positive on clon idea almost exactly as Grim describes it. My suggestion to it would be that you select where to place your egg and your clones.

The weapons, well... Arrow in Love its pointless since its a health injection on steroids, Pistol is pointless too since its the same as Rifle but less powerful, the other ones are just OP. Windx2, also pointless since Wind is already random.

EDIT: What about Jack in a box? Can you describe at least what it does and how?
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