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Hotkey Weapons
Original Idea -
Being able to hotkey weapons can be really useful specially if you are playing a fast paced game like 10 seconds round.
Improvements -
It could be hotkeyed to number 1,2,3,4 for each weapon category colour. And then a further 1,2,3 etc for the weapon within such category.
Hotkey the most commonly used weapons > B for bazooka, G for grenade and T for teleport

Bad Viking Shell
I was surprised to see this wasn't in the game. Bad Viking Shell is a must!Smiley_Viking
Just to add on to that, it will come with a catapult weapon. Maybe launching some hard boiled eggs instead of stones Smiley_BigGrin

It always gets competitive in the egg battlefield and imagine if each egg shell could do unique taunts Smiley_Shocked

Talking Eggs
The most important characters in the game have no voice or audio! How could this beee!! Add some sound effects to them.

Campaign Mode
I think this is suggested before but I dont think it's suggested exactly like the campaign mode I have in mind. Ninth Realm Campaign mode - Why not use the same method for BEO. You fight Computer Eggs, as you keep beating each boss on a cool boss map, the boss difficulty will keep getting harder and harder (who knows maybe the last boss might even have an aim-bot or something)

Original Idea -
The title of this one pretty much explains what it is, but if you didn't understand basically what I want it to do is to show replays of some shots that took place during the game. Not sure about you but every now and then I always go away to get some snacks and or go toilet Smiley_Tongue and in that time something epic always happens and I miss it e.e So a Replay is just an add-on at the end of a game. Obviously not showing the full game but maybe some clips from the game that just ended.
Improvements -
Replay of shots that dealt -40 damage or over.
Everyone votes for which shot from the game you want a replay off.

Develop the Default game more further!
Original Idea -
Why stop earning and unlocking weapons at Level 49? After lvl 49 it gets quite boring. Not to mention the fact that you have to do it 5 times again.There are 50 more levels! which means you should still be allowed to unlock 25 more new default weapons right?
I know that you can buy packs if you get bored of the unlockable weapons but what about the less fortunate ones who don’t have credits. Majority of people would get tired of the game after prestiging once because after that you will be unlocking the same weapons, badges & shells. At Least adding more unlockable weapons after level 49 will keep you motivated until you reach level 99.
Improvements -
A powerful and badass final weapon for level 99!
Level 99 weapon -> Egg-timer of Doom from BEO1

A simple option that allows you to spectate other games. This suggestion can be really handy for Beo clans or any large friend group as it will allow you to watch your members battle it out in a clan war or just watch your friends play whilst you eat!

Settings Loadout
I know a lot of players have different or more than one setting layouts they love playing daily. Therefore this option will allow a player to create a match setting and save it so you dont have to go through the trouble of making it again the next day or the next time you log on.

You always start off with 1 random weapon (roulette). A egg spawns on the side of the map with 1 HP, you have 5 seconds to shoot and kill it. If successfully hit, you instantly teleport to the next map and again you will get 1 weapon to kill the egg with 1 HP in 5 seconds and keep repeating...BUT if you miss 1 shot your streak (Not the main account streak but a different one made for the mini-game) will be reset to 0 and have to try again. So how far do you think you can get without missing? Smiley_BigGrin

I feel like there should be an option to turn stash on and off. Don't get me wrong I love stash but I miss the old games where you had to win with what you get and it used to be more challenging.

The 3 Dragon shells
There is no doubt that the dragon shells are over priced, well at least the black dragon is for sure. My suggestion is not to reduce the price but to make it worth the price it is but by that I don't mean increase its weapon's damage. What I would like is to add a perk to those shells. There are a little too many weapons that have and Freezing and a burning effect. To counter that you wear equip the dragon shells!

Blue Dragon - You will be Immune to Ice
Red Dragon - You will be Immune to Fire
Black Dragon - You will be Immune to Poison

Spoiler :

I really like the idea of Hot keys, although it could be hard to hot key each weapon as you may have more than 10 in your load-out. Maybe it could 1,2,3,4 for each weapon category colour. And then a further 1,2,3 etc for the weapon within such category.

The talking eggs feature sounds pretty cool too, I always play on mute as I cannot stand the BEO music anymore. But maybe sounds would give it a nice variation.

I really like the Campaign idea, I can imagine the bosses like as you said with maybe an aimbot, or moving as you try to shoot. It sounds really fun, and won't be as competitive as the usual game.

I like the idea of Replay, kinda like the Kill cams on COD? But obviously with more to it than just the last kill. That would be pretty cool, even if it only showed the shots with 40dmg+

Developing the game further - I personally stopped playing for a week or so when I was around lvl 70. I simply threw it to the side as I didn't think their was much point playing anymore. Therefore I support your idea of continuing the unlockable weapons/shells from lvl 49. I was honestly surprised there was no lvl 99 weapon, anyone would be motivated to unlock that bad boy.

I like the last idea of yours, but I do think that too many people would use it. And we'd just have games of no one being able to hit eachother lol. It is a nice idea though.

I see you've put a lot of thought in to this thread, I really like your ideas and hope the Donkin's can make some of them happen Smiley_Smile
Cheers for the positive feedback 1337, appreciate it! Also you made some pretty good improvement points for some of the suggestions so I might add those onto the main page. (Of course, you will be credited for your input)
Hotkey Weapons - 1337 is right, it could be too hard to set a hotkey for every weapon, but one thing is for sure: B for bazooka, G for grenade and T for teleport could be a good start.

Bad Viking Shell - I have no idea why Rob and John never ''go for it'', there are many shells that we NEED, like this one, and like the pink cat.

Taunts - Actually, I suggested this years ago for BEO1, for real! And I still think it would be really funny.

Talking Eggs - The taunts might deal with this.

Campaing Mode - Still waiting for Albert's zombies mode.

Replay - Like in Pokémon Showdown? Yes!

Develop the Default game more further! - I agree with 1337, a powerful and badass final weapon for level 99 (or level 99 prestige 5, whatever) should be something real.
I agree with your suggestions for the most part, nicely done. I would enjoy to have a good variety of different taunts, though I think it should be limited to 1 or 2 taunts per game.

But your talking suggestion... the eggs already do talk, when they get hurt or die like they always have.

And I would love a level 99 wep, maybe 1 more weapon unlocked on top of that every prestige too?
I support the grenade, bazooka, and tele hotkeys

The bad viking shell/ weapon (as long as its not overpowered or credulously expensive of course)

Not really with the taunts, as Smashed stated, we already have that in a way

The campaign, sure why not?

The 'replay' sounds fantastic, yes

prestige 5 lvl 99 weapon- yes
Yes to all!!! And for relays, a mega yes, like the way a movie ends and it slides through some of the clips in it. I would love to see that happen.
Taunt: how about when you skip your turn it does the unique taunt? That way no other extra buttons are added.

Campaign Mode: Constantly suggested in various ways and supported.
I like all suggestions .
it's nice suggestions , i see suggestion 3 better suggestion, any way i like it a lot.
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