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(04-06-2015 09:37 AM)Grim-Cat Wrote: [ -> ]Develop the Default game more further! - I agree with 1337, a powerful and badass final weapon for level 99 (or level 99 prestige 5, whatever) should be something real.

I kinda miss the Egg-timer of Doom from BEO1. It's a powerful weapon that doesn't overly unbalance game due to the random timing. It would be an excellent unlockable that gives people a reason to level up to prestige 5.
They range from meh to very good, but I'll say the one I really liked is the hotkeys one.
i like the hotkey suggestion ,it will work best with common weapons in game Smiley_ThumbsUp i also like the rest suggestions.
Hey Nayvel! Really good suggestions there.

I agree with Grim, we need a cat shell!

I love the taunt idea (TF2 style, hehe). I want a kitty that meows and licks her paw.

The replay idea is awesome too, it's annoying when you change tabs or leave for a second and when you come back everyone's like "OMG NS" and you're like ...whaaa?

I support the more goals after level 49 idea too, it does get pretty boring around that time.

Also Navel..... saround? silly chimp. Sorry, I just had to point it out. Smiley_Angel

(04-06-2015 10:31 PM)Tabby Wrote: [ -> ]I agree with Grim, we need a cat shell!
Mistake:- I agree with Grim and we also need a whale shell!*

(04-06-2015 10:31 PM)Tabby Wrote: [ -> ]I love the taunt idea (TF2 style, hehe).
OMG!! Soo many fun moments with TF2 Taunts! My rainbow taunt, so smexyy!! but yeah thats exactly the sort of taunts I was talking about - cheeky & funny Smiley_Tongue
Spoiler :


Edit - Added some new suggestions/ideas to the main page!
Do share what you think Smiley_Nod
Oh yea baby(NaVeLmAfIaKiD). Really like the replay. That way If I to pee or something, I can relay it.

Taunts: You may get spooked by them. I support.

Love every other suggestion.

Thanks, baby (NaVeLmAfIaKiD)
Added a few more Idea's/suggestions! Share your opinion and your feedback as always! Smiley_Nod
I like the stash idea, I don't use stash very often and it would be nice to have it off for a bit.

The dragon immunity is a really cool idea, but it ultimately feels unfair.

Settings layout all the way!
Loved all the ideas. Spectate is one of them. Would love to see some legendary players play. (it will to tough to find them in a game though)

About on & off switch to stash, I feel, stash gives an option to change the momentum of a game to those who are skilled but who don't have packs. It brings some balance to the game.

Last but not the least; it was very creative of you to add immunity to dragon shells.

Keep good suggestion coming Smiley_Smile
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