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- Im Looking for a clan to join at the moment right now-

If you can get me in one or yours please send the clan link below

-ICE (Aka Destiny) Smiley_RockOn
FTF. Click on FTF with a small tm V 2.0.
(04-06-2015 07:26 AM)[FTF] Gen. Goonday Wrote: [ -> ]FTF. Click on FTF with a small tm V 2.0.


Sadly, FTF is not taking any new recruits right now.
You could join btk, pm me for our forums and more details.
Hello Destiny

My name is John Connor I am recruiter of RTM Clan
Most of the people we have right now are my personal friends, but we are looking to grow. Anyone who wishes to check us out is welcome. If you are looking for a friendly clan with pleasant atmosphere, or just looking to help out an underdog; you are entirely welcome and all support would be greatly appreciated.

In our Clan Promotions must be earned and loyalty will be rewarded. Smiley_Reaper

Currently we are recruiting strong players who are flexible and skilled at or willing to learn how to Play in multiple settings . Also we'd like to see that you have lvl 20 minimum and have at least 1 or 2 packs. The more Loyal will the faster we progress, and upgrading Yourself show us that you're willing to go that extra mile and we love to be surrounded by those who aren't afraid of a Challenge! the name of the RTM leader Is Hiddenkiller2301 I.G.N eggkiller2301

Feel Free to Comment if You Have any Questions!!!
I'm takin recruits. look for the bombers! Smiley_BigGrin
Don't join the RTM Clan HEK2301 Is an alien and he will beam you to our alien ship. And then he will get his flesh eating Zombies out and have them eat your brains. And then I'll get my Dragons to come and find frenemies to eat them all up.
umm, whats up with rtm... lol? I thought you guys still wanted members?
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