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In advance, please pardon my poor animation skills; this is the first time I've attempted it. Smiley_Tongue

The idea of the weapon is similar to Death From Above and Ice Bow. A flare is thrown, which marks the landing spot for three snowflakes, as seen in the animation:

The snowflakes will then remain there for the thrower's (the person who used the weapon) next two turns. Any eggs which come into contact with the snowflakes are frozen until the snowflakes disappear.

I thought this idea might make games a little more interesting, as it brings in an 'obstacle course' of sorts with jump turned on. If a player wishes to cross to the other side of the snowflakes, they could use the jump feature to manoeuvre their way through without coming into contact with each flake. Of course, if this idea was to be employed, the spacing of the snowflakes would need to be adjusted to make it possible.

I haven't thought of a potential name or image for the weapon itself yet, so bear with me! Smiley_Smile

Edit: I knew there was something I'd forgotten! In terms of damage, I don't think the weapon should deal a great amount. Perhaps five per snowflake.
plz get a grenade of ice, u know?
I'm sorry, could you rephrase that? Smiley_Smile I'm not quite sure what you mean.
I agree with this idea. But I don't think there gonna add this idea because The donkins might not get it. But I do like the idea after all.
I think we already have enough ice weapons.
This wep is pretty much same like ice baragge.
Was about to say the same, we have 4 ice already. And the ice barrage is the same thing.
Thanks for the feedback! Smiley_Smile That's fair enough. I haven't used that particular weapon before, but I checked it out just now. You have a good point; it's very similar.

Oh, well! Smiley_Smile
I have always been unsure about weapons that act as traps, like how affective it really would be in-game (forces is the only case I see this working). I do agree that we have enough ice weps as it is. But I enjoyed the animation example, nice effort :-)
Yes, I bet the animation looked very good in my point of view.
Thank you! Smiley_Smile Always nice to receive honest feedback!
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