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I just found out that my bro, Andre11111 has been baned from BEO because of Ashrapul...
Now they are bouth banned and Andre lost a buch of money cz of that
I would like to know if other people supported Andre to get back in BEO
I loved Andre, though he never joined my invites Smiley_XD
They aren't going to unban him just because you asked.
well I had my bad eggs online 2 account got banned from kongregate and Kongregate banned me.
And I lose all my money I spent on the game (Over $300.00) and I lost all my shells and all the weps and even pro.
dear friends, we can all be hacked, or even banned
i have 98 shells, pro and every thing basicly
just as i am full, andre was too and because of Ashrapul he was banned
I think we should rase atention to this matter
For my bro Andre11111
oh, and chek the link, im telling the truth

are you beeng sarcastic?
cz im not joking, andre is my friend and a good player who spent even more than me
(i spent about 4800 cred)
You play this game too much. I don't what happend to andre but he was being quite a um. Jerk?
Like he left meow for no reason, joined another clan, then another clan. He clan jumps
Then he was like really annoying. every time I said something he was like "your mom" and when he gets into fights he bans people in chats and waits for them to say sorry, well what if it was your fault?
I didn't like him as a person,friend, or player but if he got banned I guess I feel sorry? I really don't care
In-game bans are handled by Rob and John and are taken only if there is a severe enough of an issue to warrant it.
It's great that you want to help your friend but unfortunately bans will not be overturned by voting on them.
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