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Multiplayer Zombi Mode-

How this will work==> we alredy have Hambo mode where different eggs pop up,
here only zombies will pop up we will have to kill as many we can in given time limit. havent decided on time limit ,5 min. should be enough.

weapon choices==>
same as default available in hambo mode or Dev can add more after some testing.

Map choice==>Dev can design different or keep the same one or we can choose from our maps only platform base not pumpkin type.

Single player mode==>Game will work same as hambo mode you can have your highscore.

Multiplayer Mode==> this will be only 1v1 mode,all register users & pro will have this option in menu.
MP will work same as 1v1 mode any player will join you from the lobby,
once game started zombies will pop up both players have to shoot as many they can, friendly shooting will cost their health Smiley_XD this mode will not be turn base mode so i kinda have doubt on this ,never know right ,could be possible Smiley_Wink
it could be only 10 sec. mode so gameplay can be faster in turn base mode because egg could pop up in difficult place ,that way other player might not shoot in time & chance will go to other player,in turn base we can have 2 eggs popping at a time so both player will have more option to shoot but next eggs will not pop up untill first ones are shot down.

Difficulty Mode==>You can set wind,gravity etc. option to increase difficulty Smiley_Smile
the reason i mention bunny because of Easter is coming dev can replace zombi shells to bunny,we can go bunny hunting too Smiley_XD


Falling Elephant OR Tetris Multiplayer Mode

How this will work==>we all know how Tetris works, here Falling elephant suggesting for MP mode.
we will not be controlling falling elephants here we will be destroying it.
This mode will be 1v1 only,same as above, mode will be added into your menu.
here both players will carry random color elephant,from above different colors of elephants will start to fall, both player have to act fast to cancel out elephant blocks,how many they cancel out same color elephant will be their score.
Eggs will have speed & jump active so they can move around faster ,this is not going to be turn base mode.
controls will be same like we have in regular game
just for placing elephant, we will use space or LMB.

Weapon choice==>we will have limited sets of projectile weapons for example bazuka,nade etc. only those weapons will be allowed which dont have huge blast radius.
you can use weapons to destroy elephant blocks to make your way through,it will not be counted as score.
Limited Teleports will be available to make it easier in difficult situation,you will have to use it wisely.
you can use your carrying elephant as throwing weapon too if you hit same color it will cancel out that block, if u dont ,it will just get added into pile.

Special color elephants==>
Here Golden elephant if you destroy it,it will give bonus points by destroying more same color blocks.

Game will be over when elephant pile reach top line of the map or touch sealing. Game could be both single & multiplayer.
Wow, that's a really great idea actually. I like it a lot.
My opinion about this idea, the multiplayer mode is ok, but could you do number of players 1 to 6, the time limit to get in the game is 60 seconds, after the 60 seconds, the game starts, now the map choice, I think we should keep the pumkin map. Shells, I think we should wear the shells that we have. Single player mode, the seconds should be 60. The Difficulty mode, set the difficulty mode to easy-> normal-> hard. The multiplayer mode should use some more work.

Hopfully this will be added in the game.
thanks Levy

map is not big enough to add more than 2 players because we need place to pop up zombies so thats why multiplayer will be 1v1 only.
pumkin maps are easier maps,you can just go close & shoot, there is no difficulty, thats why any flat map would not be allowed.
platform maps provides more spawn options so we will have more of those.
(04-02-2015 06:35 AM)[FTF] Gen. Goonday Wrote: [ -> ]I think we should wear the shells that we have. Single player mode, the seconds should be 60. The Difficulty mode, set the difficulty mode to easy-> normal-> hard. The multiplayer mode should use some more work.

here i am confused,i think you didnt understand my idea completely.
about difficulty mode setting hard,normal,easy? what i have mentioned is to make that mode more challenging
by adding wind ,gravity as per host choice so that way it will hard to aim at zombi, dividing into 3 different settings mode will become complicated.
what kinda work need on multiplayer mode? plz explain so i can clear your doubts,thanks.
Shells, we should have all the shells. The single player mode's time will be 60 seconds. the difficulty mode will be easy, normal, or hard. Do you get me now?

Now the multiplayer mode. I think we should add all the types of vs modes, 1v1,2v2,3v3,2v2v2, 1v1v1v1, 1v1v1.
great idea and i love it a lot , Hope see More ideas Smiley_Wink
Thanks sona

pls add more detail to your reply.

i think we both are on different tracks here Smiley_XD


1.I Think the time limit should be high so that there would be a difference in the stats of player.
=>its experimental for now,i gave 5 min so each player will have 10+ chance to shoot,if its not enough then dev can add more time or will giv us option like 5,10,20 min. it will be depend on how faster gameplay is.
2.A leaderboard for this would be great as no one can fool this game as many people do in other leaderboards by playing with 2 accounts at one time.
==>This is fun mode,same like hambo so ppl going to play when they get bored of regular game,LB is needed only when if ppl are going to play this mode as regular one,i highly doubt that will happen.You can post your highscore in forum or BEO record book other players will try to break it Smiley_BigGrin
3.wind+random gravity+roullete mode{and no weps from wep packs}
==>yes we will have those options Because of the games time limit we need more weapons so player can't run out of time or he can have more option to shoot & will not be limited to only one or few weapons so there will be more weapons from the pack too, just not the ones which does major terrain damage like big boom it will defeat the purpose of map difficulty. choice->a new easter map.
==>yes any maps with some difficulty will do.
5.Prize->a new shell,only who do 50 or 100 kills in 5 minutes{only good players will get this shell,so the shell will be based on skills}
==>yes this will be fine to make mode more popular Smiley_ThumbsUp

Tetris Multiplayer Mode added.
Albert is just saying he suggested something very very similar before.
So in zombie mode you said a limited time , so does that mean you have to kill the egg zombie as many as you can , like survival right? But how do you lose?... if the eggs don't moving or attacks it should be a way to lose and win that always in a Zombie mode.
Smiley_XD,he is promoting his old topic, i dont mind,i just wish he could be more clear on that , dumping link raises more questions & send different message.

we are just killing the zombies here,zombies are not attacking us,in MP mode highest zombi kill will be winner.
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