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I've just started playing the game for a couple of days casually when i have free time, and i've noticed how horrid the quality of the music is.
Sorry to be so blunt, but when i see "preparing epic soundtrack" I kinda expected an epic soundtrack Smiley_Crying

Eitherway, i hope you guys can update the music, mainly the quality of it (sounds like it was made back in 2005 or something), the lobby music isn't that bad tbh, but the quality + good headphones=terror on the ears Smiley_Shake

Oh, 2 more suggestions
1. fullscreen mode is only for 4: 3 aspect ratio computers, i have a widescreen 16: 9 and it looks really weird putting the game in full screen. Not sure when this game was released, but i don't think its THAT old Smiley_Confused

2. Not sure if this is a bug report or suggestion, but hotmail isn't working properly when you try to sign up using it. Couln't get the activation e-mail no matter how many times i tried, but g-mail worked instantly on my first try.

Thanks for reading Smiley_Smile
The music is already good for right now.

suggestion1: I don't even get it.

suggestion2: Its a bug report.
If you are using speakers it can pass, but if you are using gaming headphones (or any good pair of headphones) which are supposed to pick up even the little stuff, you can really hear how bad it is. Now i'm actually playing with the music off, it really started to irritate me :/

And the aspect ratio thing. I know i'm bad at explaining, but i'm not sure if you don't know what are aspect ratios are or you just misunderstood.
Basically, when i go in fullscreen i see the game in the middle and two black spaces at the covering what the game didn't.

I uploaded a screen shot to make things clearer
[Image: dvRsExk.png]

Also, everytime i make the game fullscreen it always asks me that :/ using firefox btw

oh, my screen resolution is 1366x768
I always thought the same... As a musician, when I read ''epic soundtrack'' I always expect something like ''two steps from hell'' or better, even John Donkin suggested that a long time ago.
I think it's just that the developers aren't great at composing (which would be too much to ask honestly, considering the game was made by two persons), so I wouldn't really blame them, because that would include the sound quality.
No idea about the size of the screen...
And lastly, I signed up using hotmail with my two accounts, and in fact I had to click ''resend activation e-mail'' both times, but it worked right away... I bet it's just a temporary error.
I never really cared about musing in any game's because I always turn it off ,and I let only the sound on ! Smiley_BigGrin
@GrimCat, I guess I am a bit too bashful since I also since its just 2 devs, but couldn't it be possible to keep the same beats they composed, and updedated quality? I'm not a musicitian, nor do i know about music making programs, etc. But I don't think it would be THAT hard imo.
I mean they are making money from the game, not sure how much, but the prices are pretty hefty eitherway. Couldn't they hire a guy to make a beat for them? not sure how much that would cost either, or use a beat they like, and ask the maker to allow them to use it in their game once they give proper credits or something and maybe a few bucks.

I must've tried at least 5 times on hotmail, meh, doesn't matter now. But MyBB is actually known for its problems with hotmail (Was a mod on a MyBB forum before we upgraded to IPB, then vBul (though i miss IPB badly, imo its generally better than vbul :/). Hotmail was MyBB's mortal enemy )

@Happa, That's what i'm doing now, ill just run some music from my collection or go on YouTube instead.
You know, maybe we should get rid of the fullscreen. I don't think people use it that often anymore.
Just listen to your own music. No big deal.
(04-02-2015 10:43 AM)Gothic Demon Wrote: [ -> ]Just listen to your own music. No big deal.

That's what i do. I listened to the Beo2 music for about a week and a half when it first came out. Then i muted it, just like i did with beo1. Not that i don't occasionally enjoy the music, just hearing the same thing over and over again is like beating myself in the head with a taylor swift album.

SO how about the possibility of MUSIC UNLOCKS?!
You can unlock different theme music:
  • Main Lobby Music
  • Game Lobby Music
  • Battle Music

And each style of music has several unlockables within it. So lets say you hit prestige 1 lvl 20 - you just unlocked Battle Music Style 2. Name: Yolking Yips
That's a good idea Vexis Smiley_Shocked
But i don't know if it will happen though, or much i want it to happen since the music atm sounds like it was ripped off some 144p video on YT. If they do try to improve the quality, and add more soundtracks while they're at it, I would welcome it with open shells.

Anyone remember WildOnes? That was one of the best in its genre imo. Other than the hacks, and obvious p2w factor, i really liked the gameplay. Maybe taking some of their ideas into your game would be nice, i mean the game has shut down for almost 2 years now right?
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