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[Image: 2rr54.png] (sorry about that keynote parts in it)

Welcome to The Bombers! Here we are respectful to other players.

We fight here as we should, for fun!

Not accepting clan wars yet.

Our symbol is (BOMB)

We will have UP to 10 members

As long as your level 3 and better come on in

Here is The Bombers logo! [Image: 2jdqur6.png]


Co-leader: no one yet

1. soonershawn (kicked for not being able to contact)
2. beastmodegamer1 (lvl 4) (quickly lvling up)

This clan specialty is explosives, bombs and BOOMS!

Good luck to all other clans! Smiley_BigGrin

Info on how to join just ask if not that way to join pm me for a fight! or just pm me if you wanna fight anyways >Smiley_Smile

If two or more members fight on here you will be asked to fight on the game and delete your post and let it go if not i or the co leader will take appropriate action.
I like the name! Good luck.
Thanks! i need someone to make a bomb logo for my clan lol
Hey MasterMind,

Came to say "good luck" and I hope your clan grows and expands.

It is a eggy world out there Smiley_ThumbsUp
Thanks hidden. Can we be allies?
(04-01-2015 12:56 AM)mastermind1998 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks hidden. Can we be allies?

Not right now, You have just started your clan. Like I have I am waiting for clans to notice my clan. So give it a while, who knows what the future brings?
Right! i see what your saying! Smiley_Smile

Btw i see your fav weapon is grenade got any tips for dirt bomb enthusiasts?
nice looking clan, when you pick up a couple members, hit me up. btk leader and my two best men would like a fight. lasershooter, blacknlegit, duck_doctor
Good luck with it ! I like the name hope to see you in battles ! Smiley_Smile
Thanks you 2 and laser shooter ill sure do that!
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