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I have just got a forum idea. This forum is not crowed. Why don't we make the forum busy all the time. Make sure you hire more mods. The staff is too low, I think it is the least staff registered.

The proper thing to do about a post is that you can do a more, quote, and replay, and more below the account who posted that post.
No, no, no, no.

Every thing you're saying has been suggested many times before. It won't happen.
Both mods are active at the moment. I think they are doing pretty good job & we can't expect them to post their reply on every thread as the have a big responsibility to filter each and every posts and comments.

If our Mods. feel the need to add in the extra hand then, I'm sure they will ask Devs for that. For now, they are doing great.
There's no need for more staff ! The acctually Staff is very good !
You've been here for both "More mods" threads, and every opinion on those 2 threads is still true. We don't need more moderators because it won't help anything when there's a problem. Then there's the summary of the other threads: "If we need more mods, then they will make more mods."
The number of moderators are usually decided according to post count, active users and the user age range.

Generally speaking, the consensus seems to be that there should be one moderator or administrator per fifty active/regular users on the forum. Administrators may decide to appoint a greater number of moderators for a lower average age of users. However, this varies according to the individual forum; on my own forum, there are approximately one-hundred active users and two administrators (myself and another) and it works just fine. In my opinion, the number of administrators and moderators on this forum is sufficient.

Moderators moderate; they're not solely responsible for forum traffic. If you really want people to visit and remain on the forum, put some effort into attracting people from outside the forum. Otherwise, you're just preaching to people who are already regulars here.
On the EoD forums, just as another example, all members of the High Council are admins while the Low council are moderators. The main reason is for distinction and respect to the positions each person holds.

That is the only reason because we have neither many members nor a high post count.
More moderators wouldn't do anything. Moderator responsiveness here is good enough.

If you want more activity and more members, promote the forums; that's all you can do.
This is quite a short post but enlarging the staff wont help. Every day Rob,John and Mageg come on every single day doing their job, and its working. But giving mods to the people who are like everyday forum readers. Besides this has been requested more than 10 times. How exactly do we make the forum "Busy all the time" the forum gets nearly 100 post per day thats enough. and the forum doesn't become busy on its own its the posts that people put on forum. Besides people are leaving.
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