Full Version: Androids cant play with pc's
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I got the app and my bro wanted to play and we spent hours trying to find eachother in lobbys. then I figured out that we cant play because he is on PC. I dont know if it should go in suggestions or somethin else. anyway if you know why we cant play tell me why please I want to play with my friends.
You can play the game that are for androids on Computer with a special aplication called "Bluestacks"
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in phone/tablet version moving etc is bit more difficult than in pc and other things why ios/android players can't play with pc players.
Well, what about Windows Phone? Or now that Windows 10 is incoming, will that be possible to merge the games in that case?
Well if you search with patience and calm you can find everything on internet that you're asking for and yes is possible and that rata536 ! Smiley_Smile
I mean, since Windows 10 will supposedly be making sync between mobile devices and home computers really easy, so in that case it would be perfect for BEO because as I can see in The App tab, there's Android and iOS versions of the game, but not for Windows Phone.
I can't help you in this case then ! About the game to be put on windows phone you have to speak with Rob Donkin or John Donkin about it !
I know, that's why I was hoping they come to see about this, it would be nice because besides the perfect sync, more devices = more players = bigger chance to sell credits.

Also people will be able to play BEO from an XBox.
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