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I bought the black dragon shell thinking it would make me proudto use it. But in reality i dont even want to use it cause of everyone laughing and saying how bad it is and how i could buy it -___-. Yea to makes things short it SUCKS! In that case i should've bough atom. In my opinion there should be something to make the purchase a little bit worth it. Mabe a cool badge or somethang.
yes Ru7 i agree with you
Hahaha, well maybe you should have thought of the consequences of buying it before you bought it. But all weapons do need a disable option, not just packs.
If you really support the game then purchasing it isn't all that bad. Don't let what others say about it bother you, you get a pretty bad ass weapon, and most of them are likely jealous they can't have the shell.
Well said Smashed.
Every weapons is cool , they said that mabye because are jealous you have it and they dont !
Dragons Shell They are Good I wish I had one
What Donkins should do to improve Them
-They need to make Disable/enable System for shells ,Benefits of it Users can disable/enable shell weapon.
-The Pluspoint is they can enable or disable Shell weapon They don't like or feel not worth it.
-It also encourage users to Buy shells with weapons Who like the shell but not the weapon.
I agree with Smashed. Don't worry - many players will laugh at it simply because that's easier than admitting they're jealous.

Anyways, I also agree with the badge, something like a dragon nest with eggs the color of each dragon, depending on which one you bought.
ruh7less with or without that dragon Shell you still an awesome player.many can call you even noob because u are using packs but like everyone here said they are only jealous because they cant afford to buy packs or Shells.all the dragon Shells are cool.ghettoskills he let me try them it was pretty cool. soon iam gonna buy the 3 dragon Shells.just ignore these jealous rookies.
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