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I constantly find myself in battles where I have 1, 2, or even 3 blueberrys that are capable of dealing 40 damage. The only issue with this is that it seems almost impossible to do more than 16 damage with the weapon without standing right next to the person and taking the 40 damage also. I know that when I first started using the gooseberry I thought it was terrible because getting 6 bounces was so hard, but then I found out that you could just roll it on the ground and do the full damage without it bouncing once. I am interested if these is some trick like that that makes it possible to get maximum power out of the blueberry. Thanks! Cool
there you go buddy Smiley_Smile

you would put your blue berry on the gobbler
Anyone with a goblin shell deserves to get owned
hahaha jk Smiley_Wink
idea is to bounce it from wall/floor towards opponent, requires more or less practice to figure angles.
Nice I always wonder how to use that weapon never know how to really aim with it Smiley_XD
its a tricky weapon to use.
Or you can use in between 2 enemies and so deal 40 damage to each. It's what I do. lol
that works only against n00bs or opponents in hole.
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