Full Version: Sudden Death.way to deal wit suicide players,tied games and quitters
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Rob / John hope u can read and reply to this suggestion.

Sudden Death

The idea is simple

works in 3 cases

if the last two players die at the same time and tie the game, will compete with the challenge of the pan, to see who wins the game.

if the opponent killed himself to prevent you kill him, will let you through the challenge of the pan, to try win the death for your stats.

If player leaves the game, u could fight to get the kill for your stats using pan challenge

Pan Challenge : try to get the egg in the hole, by aim with the pan

[Image: spkrd3.jpg]



hope all of enjoy the game as much as i do!
hmm these type of game modes sound like mini game ideas... doesn't really suite with the game but would like to have them only if they do not count in your stats as wins, loses, streak, etc...

maybe effect your XP but no stats because people will just boost, but good idea
nice idea. but I am not sure I will vote for it.
The mode with the knifes and balloons sound great but remember that the knifes go wherever you throw them,it's like having a laser,so I'll vote if there will be certain game terrains for this mode with more obstacles so you get to throw the knife(s) and make them ricochet a bit.I would be happy if you give me some terrain ideas!
this sudden death its only to fight for the kill and for not get the death on your stats when a suicide or a blast kill both eggs, different team at the same time Or to break the tie if is the case, so the map will be the same ur playing on the battle, or could be a specific map designed by Donkinse

BEO dont have a way to avoid or break the tied games, well BEO2 its the perfect excuse to suggest this.

remember that tied games break win streak , and depend the case counts as a victory or lose, or tie (no one win),so if last players have the ultimate opportunity to break tie if is the case at the end of the game , will give a huge plus to BEO2
Pan challenge would take long since the players can theoretically go back and forth infinitely.
(11-02-2013 01:07 AM)epicgamer Wrote: [ -> ]Pan challenge would take long since the players can theoretically go back and forth infinitely.

Yes but remember,Bad eggs online 2 has a turn-to-turn system so you can't move when it is someone else's turn.

Pan challenge will not have to move, the eggs will appear next to other, so u only have to aim pan to try get the egg into the hole.

if u fail when the other player turn , everything will change position of eggs (both still stay together) and the position of the hole,
of course will have a time to make more pressure, and we can set to only one opportunity or 3, and if both fail both get the tie and the death on stats, and the kill

this will be just like a fast match , so need to end quickly

the idea untie the game and avoid the death on your stats so to much on game
Mini games?
no is not a minigame, is a special optiong if u tied a game, to break the tie or get the kill if u got a suicide that stole u the kill
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