Full Version: BEO2 won't load?
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Hey, I just got back to this game today. I play this game few times, and it doing alright. But for just recently, the game won't load, and stuck there @0%. I use Adblock in Chrome, but I disable it. And refresh the page. Nothing happens. BEO2 still stuck @0%.

I wondering what going on here? And how to fix this problems?

Thank You!
Hah, beat you to it. And adblock won't change anything. Chrome doesnt matter. Game is down. Smiley_Shocked
Refer to Toxic's thread for discussion on this subject.

Okay Toxic deleted his thread, so we can discuss that here. However, the game is working just fine for Burn and I right now.
for some reason the other thread was deleted, so again seems the problem is not form beo2 game , it looks like io servers fault, so please the only thinng we can do is wait, Devs cant do nothing about this. there are more online games down , form badviking and form others devs, so just wait

@dejado para quemar

the game uses tools form player io aka yahoo games now, the leaderboard system , the unlockeable ittems, trials, etcc are tools for games , almost more than the 60% of the online games uses those tools from io
It looks like the whole of Yahoo Games Net is down. That's the service that we use (used to be called Player.IO). Fortunately they have a team of people to handle these kinds of problems so fingers crossed they will have it back up and running again soon. Apologies for the outage Smiley_Sad
yes yahoo games had a server problem few hours ago idk if is still down, but have been intermittent service, go and fall again

@dejadop para quemear

there , Robs confirmed what i said, as u can read they use aka yahoo games now, hope ur question is answer now.
If its another hack Ill puke. These games are not up all the time. This is a major problem for people, you must figure out a way to do something quick.
Looks like it's back online again already Smiley_Smile
Huh, idk, I play the game off a flash drive if that means anything. Haven't had any problems logging in or playing and I got no disconnections.
sadly seems to be down again Smiley_Sad oh wait it backs again Smiley_Smile down again Smiley_Sad [Image: 1zg7pk6.jpg]

[Image: 30vdsm1.jpg]

[Image: 29dcrh2.jpg]
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