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There seems to be lots of disconnects lately. It happens to me too, it lags the timer and skips your turn or exits the game. It seems to happen to other people and for some reason mostly the dragons. Smiley_Question This error needs to be fixed fast because it keeps on making me lose games and people think i rage quit and they make fun of me.
Oh noez, I have a dragon Smiley_Shocked
It happens to a lot of my android friends except for laser of course

Lol emojis will never work
lol, yeah, i rarely get DC'd, and lets not fight here jon, but #teamandroid #teamnexus
(03-12-2015 11:51 AM)lasershooter Wrote: [ -> ]Oh noez, I have a dragon Smiley_Shocked

about 80% of the people who are dragons that i play with have left the game even though they can win. Rarely i see other people get disconnected like some guy went first and i missed during my turn and he left. I have disconnected like 5 times in a row and i always lose because of that. The timer just gets stuck and it mostly happens when its the enemys turn and when it is my turn the timer is at 6 seconds and i have to shoot fast.
It can be so common it looks like it is the game that is broken, but the reality is that lag issues are 90% of the time client sided.
ah, i see. and mr mw. that is so true, not only dragons, but tons of people for me. They leave when they win, I guess just because they see my packs, I don't know
I am still experiencing lots of lag i got disconnected from my lobby and the timer stops and goes to like 1 seconds without being my turn. I don't think it is my wifi because pages load fast and some guy invited me when the timer got stuck and i could join. This shows it is not my wifi and 2 people left in the game I was in but they left before my timer got stuck.
Yea I have that problem too, this seems to be a glitch or something, but in my case I would prefer the game is going weird after the forum problem. This game needs to have bugs fixed in the next update, and fast. My Nana and poppop's wifi is going strange, sometimes their wifi is down, but they don't know why. Usually these games are under some problems, but hope they will be fixed soon.
I think it is the servers that cause this error because when I play on it disconnects allot and when i play on I don't get disconnected as often
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