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Mass reply
1] 10 post & 10 topics every day, it should be sufficient for every one OR add 15 to 20 min. intervals between 2 post.
the lounge is off-limit & clan-chat should be off-limit .
1] it will automatically control spammer person.
2]you can always edit & quote your post if you want add will put stop on unnecessary double posting.
3]it can also control stupid fights because it will be limited 10 post.
mods cant be available 24/7 it will give them time.
4] lots people make comments but they never contribute in topic never have any opinion they just agree with above reply & there all comments mostly chats,it will help them too,make valid points instead stupid comments.
5]most people do mini-modding telling other members Do's & Don't, because of that most topic goes off-topic. it will put stop to that.

ok if you think you need more post count & topics before you reply
show me that you actually posted more than 10 topics in a day & posted 10 we will know who need more & why.

for me i never made 10 topics in day also never replayed to 10 topics also
i can wait next day if i want to respond more.
I do like your idea, a lot actually. I myself have over 170 posts, which doesn't reflect my current activity, I've slowed down a lot.

One suggestion; I think that this rule should not apply to the forum games section, which already has it's own set of rules anyways. Since your posts there don't count, it should be exempt.

Overall, very nice idea, 10 posts is more than enough to put forth valuable input on the topics that you really want to reply to. It would force people post more selectively, and most likely lead people to make better quality posts.

I only have one problem with this. Let's say you were being active one day, and used up your 10 posts making quality input. But then, something that you really needed to respond to came up. You'd be stuck. This is why your proposed system sounds good, but really wouldn't work out all that well.

Just my opinion, keep up the smart thinking! Smiley_Smile
yes that would be rare case most likely it will be argument,it will rarely happen in the forum when you get to see 5-10 good topics in day & which is the good topic & which not it differs from person to person, so patience is virtue.
topics are not going anywhere ;D
i don't like the idea. your imagination should never be put from posting. and 10 a day will tend to dull the mind. Smiley_Wink
There are many other ways to express your imagination and nourish it other than posting on a message board. Art, Music, and Writing (Poems and Stories, not 10-word posts) are only a few examples.

In fact, a message board is probably very low on the list of good ways to express your imagination.
@ master cheef
i want to see that day when you make 10 good topics game related in day & not just 1 day i want to see that happening more often till then i will stand correct.
+ you have lounge section,for imagination.
check my special weapons & mode topic how many things i imagine there in 1 topic where i could have come up with more.
Every one has their own opinion. To some, my topics are good. To others they suck. So I'm pretty sure that none of us stand correct.
as i said earlier it differs from person to person which is good which is not. Not everything is everyone's liking.
how we treat forum it defines the forum community,we dont want to treat forum as twitter do we?
my suggestion is for the everyone 10 reply & topics for 1 day, i dont think its too much.
Personally I don't like the idea just because when I know there's a limit I tend to feel "chained". Plus, even when it's rare, someone could bring a thread to deeply explore the game and we would need more than 10 posts.
yes you are right this is my 5th comment including topic Smiley_XD
the main reason for asking we need control either on person who mass reply or daily post count to stop spammer.i ask this because when you spend 1 or 2 hours of your day time checking stuff you see all the BS around you it just annoys me.then i ask myself why should i bother,that person is not going to stop,ban,suspend. 10 is just arbitrary num. any num. welcome as long as it stops mass reply. even though mass reply is not consider as spam in this forum yet but it still another from of spam,as long as its not related to the topic. i see that type of comments everywhere it annoys me Smiley_Angry

another update- add 15 to 20 min. intervals between 2 might slow down instant reply.
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