Full Version: whats the biggest clan?
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guys I'm new to the forums my name is budder_74 I am prestige 1 lvl 82 and I was wondering what is the biggest clan?:)also would anyone like to play a match on mobile?
Umm, dew, but they are dead I think, or maybe they aren't, lol Idk really. If you're looking to join, consider my clan , BtK.
This isnt right place for this kinda of thread .Maybe say hello to or genereal chat .
My clan isn't the biggest but I played With you recently and I'm pretty sure ur on my friends list,check out #JET$ on here it's worth considering I'll re quire no recruitment since I have played w you
GODZ was the biggest. At one point they claimed to have over 170 official members (no list was ever produced, despite everyone making the request). The 2nd biggest was DEW. But everyone can tell you that "biggest" rarely means "best"
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