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Green Dragon -
With the release of the new dragons i'm very disheartened to not see a green one that breathes poison gas fumes!!!

(while i do agree with troll2 on the aspect of abilities vs wpns i still want a green poison breathing dragon)

Basic Shell Color Choice -
Well there's three colors to eggs when you buy them at a store. Milky white, a nice tan, and a deep brown. I think for all of the eggs that don't have a color on it, should be given the option for players to choose which (out of the 3) colors they want their egg to be. There are many different nationalities that play this game. I think it would be nice to allow them the ability to choose their shell-tone. Smiley_Wink

Healing Items-
with so much ice in the last few updates, healing is becoming a very big thing. I think there should be a "Regenerate" item/wpn that heals you a few pnts per turn. Maybe even 2pts the entire game! But more realistically 5pts per turn for 5 turns. Or something similar. Ice is very much so OP and needs a counter. Add more heals! ....or....a temporary immunity? Ice Shield: Good for 6 turns, protects you from Freeze

Mystery Button-
in addition to weapons, let it drop heal potions! Make the frequency encounter of buttons appear more.
I like these!keep up the good workSmiley_ThumbsUp
i doubt that devs will go for customization but considering the amount players are paying for each dragon dosent hurt to have that option ,some ppl just buy shell for design not for free weapon,i do like the idea of having milky white dragon sounds majestic, girls will prefer that color more than black ;D
not quite what i meant sensei.
[Image: VUqIlVA.png]

any shell that has a color other than the basic shell would be excluded. So, like the pirate shell is okay, the king ect.
heheh i misunderstood the idea when you mentioned milky white i thought you were talking about white dragon Smiley_BigGrin so you just want to have option to change default colors thats ok i guess but that will not make much difference,i think ppl chose egg because they like character not because of skin color i mean if there was black pirate ppl will use it any how because it will look more scarey in black ,nationality wont matter much there.
Well if you added those you're just going to have to add an Asian egg. Wich will make it awkward because you don't know what you'll do with it's eyes.
(02-22-2015 03:33 AM)Gothic Demon Wrote: [ -> ]Well if you added those you're just going to have to add an Asian egg. Wich will make it awkward because you don't know what you'll do with it's eyes.

LOL that was a big fail comrade, he is talking about the color only. Every ethnicity has different characteristics, not only asians Smiley_HeartSmiley_HeartSmiley_Heart.
Your green fire breathing dragon is the Heisenberg shell which comes with the poison tipped rocket.

@Grim, I see what you did there with "asians" and hearts Smiley_Wink

Smiley_Heart Akane Smiley_Heart

Interesting ideea ! Would be nice to see it ^_^
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