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Seconds Leaders:

Honorary Members:


To join this clan you have to have the egg prism.
I will decide who will be the leaders seconds.
This clan can only enter the Spanish and the English people.
Wars Allowed.
And you have to have LVL 40.
We ask you to be honest with the clan. There will be no insults in this clan.
I'm working on guild chat to the people of this clan. There will be people from other clans, had people from other clans them out of chat. I will put two moderators in chat, so do not worry.

Clans Partners:


Enjoy the clan.
Any dude put your comments in the forum of this page. I will read and watch that I can do to your problem.

Hey, good luck. a tip add more stuff Smiley_Smile.
Thanks Andre but I like this.
You should still add some clan rules though. People usually don't want to join a clan with a super short clan thread.
not bad start Smiley_Smile just add more details so people know wat they gonna be up to when joining this clan Smiley_Smile good luck with it
not bad, but you do need some more stuff, and then you need a website or a chat room. xat, chatzy, chatovod. and what does pri stand for?
Dark, si vas a crear tu propio clan, yo no tengo problema, pero al menos podrías haberme dicho algo -_-
nice clan Smiley_Smile
Alex he want a clan. So let him please.
Dont have to reply 2 times. Just wanted an explanation. And don't tell me what I have to do -_-
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