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[Image: fbkvg6.jpg]

The Primal Fury™:
Welcome to The Primal Fury official thread!
[Image: 2daftrk.png]

None at the moment!

None at the moment!

Miembros Honorarios/Honorary Members:
None at the moment!

Clan allies:

Este clan es EXCLUSIVO para Españoles o Ingleses/This clan is ONLY for Spanish or English people.Si quieres entrar al clan, puedes decirlo por este foro/ If you want to join this clan, you can say it in this forum.Sientete libre de unirte!/Feel free to join!

Los WARS estan permitidos// WARS allowed.
Recruitmeng progress:
You become official member of this clan if you are invited by the staff (Leader/Co-Leaders/Recruiters).
Hablar algunos de estos idiomas: Español o Ingles / Speak spanish or english
Tener al menos +9 o +10 REP/Have at least +9 or +10 REP
Nivel 30 o más/Level 30 or more
Se amable, no insultes en este foro/Be nice, no insult in this thread.
Estar ativo./Be active.
No insultes otros clan, porque tendremos problemas./ No insult another clan, because we will have problems.

Contacta el clan/ Contact all staff
Chat rules:
Usar tu BEO2 nombre de usuario.!Put your BEO2 username.
Se bueno, no insultes./ Be nice, no insult.
Si tu no eres un miembro de este clan y empiezas a insultar, tu seras hechado o suspendido del chat./If you are not a member of this clan and you start to insult,you will be kicked or banned from the chat.
Si no eres miembro, pues entrar y hablar conmigo si quieres unirte al clan./ If you aren not a member of this clan, you can enter and tall with me to invite you to this clan.
NOTE: If you are a Recruiter of this clan, you must say the new members via this Thread.
If you are a member of this clan, you will be tested in game to try your skills. If you are good, you will be called for some wars Smiley_Smile. IF you are bad, practice!
Hey, good luck your image looking nice.

Spoiler :
[Image: 119b19t.png]

a tip add more stuff Smiley_Smile.
(02-19-2015 08:11 AM)andre11111 Wrote: [ -> ]Hey, good luck your image looking nice.

Spoiler :
[Image: 119b19t.png]

a tip add more stuff Smiley_Smile.

I know but i dont find people to join the clan
It takes time, just wait up soon you will find members or soon members will ask you to join. It takes time Smiley_Smile
Just a suggestion if you want to get like more members and evdrything some suggestion I heard somebody say was that you can actually get more memebers to join your clan in game then what you can here on the forum because MOST people here on the forum already have a clan that they are in so you would probably get more better expectations for your clan if you would choose to look for random people to join your clan inside the game of Bad eggs online 2.
You should make chatroom where your members could contact you otherwise clan looks good Smiley_Smile
Heyy nice clan, its looking nice Smiley_Smile hope you good luck Smiley_Smile

btw vakson right Smiley_XD
Me estais vacilando? Tanto os cuesta avisarme de que os vais del clan?
(02-20-2015 12:52 AM)Alejandrez Wrote: [ -> ]Me estais vacilando? Tanto os cuesta avisarme de que os vais del clan?

Lo hize pero tengo problemas con los post algunos no se publican
Alex, let him.. he want a clan i ask now Feather want to be allies with †AD† clan thread:
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