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With the coming of the new Flag Backgrounds i've seen people who don't use their respective desired flag because the Symbol covers up so much of it.

Possible to have a No Symbol option?
I completely support this idea. A lot of people, including myself, use symbols they don't want to because other symbols don't match with the flag background, or as you've said, they cover up the whole flag, so if adding a symbol would be optional, that would be great.
Yeah, I have Suggested in New update thread I hope Rob Donkin have read that or not, but he did not response there not, but hope after your suggestion thread this can be sorted out. Thanks
100% agree. Japanese flag looks silly with any symbol on it.
Very Gret Idea Vexis Smiley_ThumbsUp I support this idea too Smiley_ThumbsUp I Must say because I'm NOT at work yet *I leave at 12:50* I am playing a second round of 2vs2vs2 and I have to say I LOVE IT Smiley_BigGrin Anyways though yesh Vexis nice idea bro Smiley_ThumbsUp.
This is good idea, but it should ONLY work with flags background.
I completely agree, I have this problem also
I lud duh ideuh. Supported.
I agree with this idea. China looks silly for that Smiley_XD. 100% agreed.
I put the australia flag and you couldn't tell if it was new Zealand or Australia because the badge covered it
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