Full Version: #JET$ Clan Presents: 2v2 tournament!!!!!
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What's going on all players of BEO2???! My clan (which I'm sure you've seen in games and here in the forums) we are proudly hosting a 2v2 tournament! We preferably want clan v clan from 2 players on each team respectively. But possible exceptions to 2 random players,obviously a lot goes into this so let's get the rules out there

Each Team plays a 2v2 round best out of 3 the 3 maps will go in this order: Pumpkin Patch, Viking village,then the pyramids

The health will go up as each round goes on(100 for first round,150 next,then 200 for the final if necessary)

The pro perks will vary from each round.

Round 1: 100 health, transparent walls, 30 second turns

Round 2: 150 health, bouncy walls, 20 second turns,speedy eggs

Round 3: 200 health,bouncy walls,solid ceiling, 10 sec turns,speedy eggs and jumping eggs

Due to different time zones we will need to get your time zone info so the war can be organized! Whenever the teams are set up,we will organize the time and the date for the month of February. Post below your opinions and also who you want as your team mate.

Now the results obviously will be posted below as well as the round goes on If you post no screenshot of the results You are automatically disqualified! Any quitting results in you losing the round Which could cost you a victory and advancement in the bracket!

The bracket is set up like this:
There are 4 sets of teams 2 on each side The winners advance to the championship round! Remember it is best of 3 each round and terrain and such changes

#JET$ clan is Proud to hopefully host a fun first time tournament and looks forward to it!!!
You should wait because there are like5 diffrent tournaments going on
Let's go on ahead and do it shark. Let's kill em
shark unlike other ones this one has a bit more organization as well as dedication,no need to screw around with other "tournaments" that are leaving out so much info

No disrespect tho
Laser I forget to ask do you have a team set up and could you bring others into this
Looks like this won't take off
I don't wanna take place anymore, shark and I aren't friends anymore. #TSC
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