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Welcome to Doom™.

Doom means There will be very hard eggs all the time. So when you are almost dead in a game you are Doomed. Smiley_Trollface

How to join: You must be level 25 or over
Must have at least 4 pro packs
Must be active in chatroom
Always be kind to members
We will test you by our staff

Important people in clan:

Founder: Gold man 2








regular members:


How to get banned: If you are not in game for 1 month we will banned.
Spamming in our chatroom. And hurt other members.

Rules for students: No words like F*** or S***
be very polite
Make other feel the way you want to be treated
If you do not fallow the rules, you will be banned.

Fill out this account stuff.

Name in game:
shooting skills if low level

Allies: None yet.

Enemies: None.

Honerray members:

We are a team, We do not quit in games.

And one more thing you should know. Have fun.

Artwork: None

Chatroom: not available yet.
I am gonna keept this way if I can not find a clan, I am gonna stay with it.
If you're serious I wish you good luck
Again a clan............. anways GOOD LUCK!!!
Why so many clan thred? Smiley_Confused Smiley_Confused Smiley_Confused
Good luck..
(02-07-2015 10:27 AM)Gold man 2 Wrote: [ -> ]I am gonna keept this way if I can not find a clan, I am gonna stay with it.

I'll believe that when I see it. Who's to say you won't get bored of this clan, just as you did with your previous five/six clans? You also conveniently ignore anybody who reprimands you for creating duplicate clans.
Gold man 2 left. I am gonn try to be in AD
Lol.... okay come to our chat room to talk.
IDK TheLoRDXV might ban me again.
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