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My name is Wyld_Ride I am Creator and leader of DsQ. My goal in DsQ is to bring together good players and forge them into even stronger players. We aren't after perfection here if you give it your all you can come out on top. This is my first time I'm Creating A clan it's all new for me but i will try to do my best and Give my all efforts ,time, to make this clan successful I want to see good members soon in my New clan DsQ If you are interested in joining DsQ pm either me or swearing123 and we will take it from there.

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[size=medium][color=#C71585]Rules :

# Respect everyone equally
# take responsibility for your own actions
# No banning on chatroom for no reason
# No impersonating a rank
# No spamming on chatroom plz
# Must cooperate with clan
# Be respectful with every clan member
# Don't use rude language
# Help clan-mates when they needed your help!.
# Play good and have tons of fun!


# You must Have a Nice aim and Nice behavior.
# Level 50+ can Join DsQ
# You will Be Tested By Me In Game.

If you think you're fit to join My clan DsQ, simply comment here.

Members List :

Honorary Members

Dazz / My advisor

Andre11111/ always there to help

Allies Smiley_Knight

No clan Till now Hope i find some good Ones Soon....

Enemies Smiley_Hulk

I don't need them But if someone try to insult My clan members He will be in Our List

Clan Wars

No,Wars i will post if we do in Future.

Be careful out there because
Death Strikes Quickly

Our chat Room Click Here
ayE yo wyld_ride It's good to see you Made your own clan But the clan thread is Not Good Enough You should Read this Thread This might Help you Lil bit Smiley_Tongue Anywayz good luck with your new clan and i hope You find some Loyal members ..........
Thanks man wasn't sure where to go
good luck with your clan hope you find some good members
Yea we can Swearing Smiley_Shocked Its okay bro I kinda second Guessed you too. LOL its all cool bro Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_Smile I promise Smiley_Smile.
Good luck bro
Thanks man good luck to you too
Thanks bro, can i be a honary member? Smiley_Smile
Great Thanks Bro [Image: PlNa_vltpUd.png]

Spoiler :
Edit It D:
[Image: mHGXovd.png]
Good luck with you're clan ! Smiley_Smile
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