Full Version: Hacker !!!
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Hacker !!!

Deutsch - German - Alemán:

Gehen Sie alle zu der Haupt-Lobby. Es gibt ein Hacker !!!

Englisch - English - Inglés:

Go everyone to the main lobby. There is a Hacker !!!

Spanisch - Spanish - Español:

¡¡¡ Vayan todos al menú principal. ¡¡¡ Hay un Hacker !!!
Lol du kannst deutsch?
Just For The Record, In Case No One Else Notice This
[Image: 9lQBZHN.png]

One Single Threat Is Enough Since This One Was The First One We Should Keep The Discussion Here
HOLY TELEDO Smiley_Shocked so this happened with BOTH Beo2 games? Smiley_Shocked Smiley_Shocked..what the heck Smiley_Confused Smiley_Confused..
Yep i and cranium talked with him
Why all says that there's almost 10 thread about this I am on 1st page! lol
Its a hacker. Smiley_XD why every one makes a thread form this?
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