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LordVoldemort Wrote:

Special Operations Group™


1. No cussing.
2. Ignore people that are cussing at you.
3. You have to have +10 rep.
4. You have to talk one of those lenguages: German, English or Spanish.


1. LordVoldemort


2. VitaminDForU2


1. bastardo


1. forkingand


1. akidwhoscool


1. Diptesh
2. Yodathedestroyer


2. JalenYoung1001
3. desko
4. joshdan.rodmo.9
5. r.i.p.paulwalker
6. omaralejandro
7. psears14
8. theEGGecutionErr
9. akihiro
10. ohjoe
11. bosslife0402
12. Chris Creed
13. swift****
14. dwatt45
15. huevito69
16. mastereloi
17. bechara
18. BIAZZ_


To be a General: You must be +10 Rep., Have Pro Pack and Have at least 4 Weapons Packs.

To be an Admiral: You must be +10 Rep., Have Pro Pack and Have at least 3 Weapons Packs.

To be a Coronel: You must be +10 Rep., Have Pro Pack and Have at least 2 Weapons Packs.

To be a Sargeant: You must be +10 Rep. and Have at least 1 Weapon Pack.

To be a Soldier: You must be +10 Rep. and be Level 30 or Higher.

You will be promoted as the requirements will be reached.


Leaders are Leaders (Can do anything they want).

Co-Leaders: They have to retransmit the words of the leader.

General: They have to recruit soldiers.

Admiral: They are searchers. They have to see in the game what are the bad clans and tell that to the Generals.

Coronel: They have to organize battles between soldiers. The winners rank up.

Sargeants: They have to teach the soldiers how to battle better.

Soldiers: They have to learn the Special Operations of the Group and go to battle.


1. CeF™
2. €$P™
3. TF1™

If you want to be a member send a message to: LordVoldemort

Hmm you need more stuff anyways good luck
good luck voltemord Smiley_Wink
You need to edit this a bit.
Btw Why SHARKBEARAGATOR joined there but he promised to join mine Smiley_XD. Anyways Good Luck.
Umm I didn't say you can put cef on your list of allies. But ok we can bee Smiley_BigGrin
Shouldve called yourself the death eaters
I say The DS. Which means Dark Side.
Btw I add your Alliense Cuz SHARKBEARAGOATOR

Nice Clan and good luck with it.
Can you take me off your list I have my own clan sorry people will think I clan hop
Lol shark, I know you're loyal to us over at TF1 Smiley_Wink
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