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was thinking of a 4vs4.

Here is a example to what it will look like.

Goonday Dazz, Meowmixed, Vexis,vs Gabri, ICE, Brays, and DarkNightMare.

Do you like this idea?
OmG, Gold how you have these ideas you are so smart! I support. And for the last time my name is BRYAS NOT BRAYS!
Goldman 2,that's a great idea you have,thanks for contributing to the forum.^^

I love it and I vote yes.
With the map flourishing with players elegantly dancing to the beat of the clock, as sweat drips down the egg who's turn it is. Trying not to fire on his friends because every one is so damn close to each other.

No....It's to crowded.
I dont think maps are big enaught for 4v4 .
This has been suggested before and there've been many reasons against it. The biggest problem is map size; they're too small to comfortably host a decent match. The next problem that you would face is the play time. In a 3v3 setting, it's entirely possible to play 1 game and never have a turn. If you increase the number of players and put it in a pro lobby with 200 health, you might get 1 turn before you're killed. This means that you will sit there for an entire game and never earn any experience.

Other reasons just echo that and show general negative views towards it. My views are in that first part, it's just too much for players and the maps are too small to make it fun.
I agree with Gothic Demon, Vakson, And Tenchi. IF a 4vs4 would be done...well fact is IT CAN'T be done...everybody would be so as Gothic Demon Said "With everybody so damn close to eachother" Gothic has a point right there and just no..I'm sorry I DO NOT support this Idea and as Tenchi said there are so many reasons against this Idea.-Regards Smiley_Dragon GND Smiley_Dragon.
Yay, I'm there, lol.

Even though, I do not support the idea, because it would be crowded, as others have said.
on some maps it'd be possible like platforms but would be nightmarish on xmas-map and crowded on pumpkin-map (big boom dealing ~50 dmg) and 2 players would be hugging eachothers..
It has a good thing and a bad thing:

Bad: There are to many players

Good: You will get so much xp Smiley_Tongue
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