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I dont't like this idea because it would be to overpower and I think that is fine as it is.
I really like this idea, the upgrade weapons, as long as the upgrade isn't too much of an OP upgrade. (like maybe 33% dmg upgrade max for the ones that are upgraded in damage).
I love this idea, its almost like skills in beo1, ah, how I miss those.
I think, that couldn't to be working, because you came without Forge items! (in any game (and BEO too) without them upgrading Weapons can't be working!)
Example: You need forge Stone Wall to Steel Wall, but you need 8 Steel Plates to do it
Hint: Requirements can be found in battles with drop chance!
Drop Chance of each Forge item:
Steel Plate - 30% chance (used in forging Stone Wall to Steel Wall)
Super Mushroom - 40% chance (used in Forging Sprurge Gun to Big Splurge Gun)
Brick - 100% chance (Used in Forging Dirt Bomb to Brick Bomb)
Fire Flower - 50% chance (Used in forging weapons, which allowed to boosting damage)
Magic Powder - 20% chance (Used to boosting effect damage)
and other...
I really really like the idea of upgrading weapons, but personally I think it should include like whirly gigs, mortars, and bring the rains and stuff because if you have 2 of them you can easily get 100 damage if you're good so you wont really want to upgrade it unless your opponent has like 60 or 65 health that way you can do a one shot kill. And the only way you will ever have that many left at the end of the game is because you didn't get the opportunity to use them early on, most likely because the map is in the way.
Very nice idea , i loved it more it i liked also Upgrade Weapons :]
Yea, the upgraded weapons are the best. Especially the dirt bomb.

@HARDSCOPEYOURMOM I think that there should be a potion that would upgrade the weapons, but you'll waste your turn on drinking that potion, and then 1 weapon would be upgraded. And the damage shouldn't be double, but like the strength skill in BEO1. So whirligig does 50 damage, 50:2=25 and 50+25=75. So the whirligig could do 75 damage when upgraded with the potion.
there's no point in that though. If in 2 turns you can do 100 dmg with a whirligig, why would you waste one of those turns powering up a weapon only to do 75?
Yea, true Smiley_Confused. Maybe you could drink the strength potion in the same turn you'd shoot the whirligig, so it would ad 1/3 of the damage.
I love the ideas they epic!and im press 4 i can update Smiley_BigGrin
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