Full Version: NICKNICK NAMES !!!
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i just wanna tell u to put a changer for the nick name

LIKE if u wanna change ur nick name u need to have 20 CREDITS
What's the point of this?
I think he means your account name. And that's been suggested before.
He's saying he'd be willing to pay credits to change his IGN, and wondering if others would, too. I think this could create a lot of identity problems. I really don't want to go into deep details cause I'm very sleepy/lazy, but if I have to I will. I should hope it would be pretty obvious.
I thought I would explain..

This WOULD of been a good idea I think personally changing your username for any number of credits.

Bad because obviously on the leader board member will think

"WHO THE HELL IS THAT ON THE LEADER BOARD!!" then they might report that player because they don't know who they was before!
This won't happen because people will be changing nicknames to similar names of popular players.

and this was suggested many times.
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