Full Version: When you get your best Weapon?
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I am playing for a lot of time. But that was my first time today i got like that weapon in 2v2 game.

[Image: dqxIUR1.png]

Hope to see more screens with more amazing best weapons.

Is that right place to make thread. Smiley_Angry
Yeah it's nice i have today play i had 3 meteors 2 alien next game 2 alien 2 meteor next game 2 meteor 3 alien next game 1 meteor next game 3 meteor 3 alien Smiley_BigGrin and i had on somone games meteors elephants aliens devil hand bomb death from above it's nice Smiley_BigGrin
I had gotten lots of better things like in one game i got 3 elephants, 3 devil hand grenades, 3 meteors, 2 grapes of wrath, and 1 all of the kings men
[Image: Ha1RvZH.png] and again lucky Smiley_Smile
I get my best weapon on (i don't remember The date Smiley_XD) Pack 4 And 8
Wish i get ufo and meteors.
pack 4 - Falling Elephants.
[Image: GJNUbIw.jpg]

[Image: Mn4W6Le.jpg]

[Image: 39w9uet.jpg]

The middle one was a perfect weapon layout for me as it had an appropriate weapon for each possible battle situation! Smiley_Tongue

[Image: 2qWBvFC.png]
Every time I get a grenade, I have my best weapon.
(01-29-2015 09:15 AM)Gothic Demon Wrote: [ -> ]Every time I get a grenade, I have my best weapon.

Mine is the teleport.
[Image: Junk_zps12794391.png]

nuff said
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