Full Version: When you get your best Weapon?
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[Image: W3Gk9pq.png]

all round weps
Once I had 3 mortar,3 tUrrent And 2 ice how but I only have 4 weapon packs...
Infinity grenade! [Image: TkpMoi4.png]
Mine is the all the weapon packs.
This happened..
[Image: xkh7hqL.png]

So I was joining game then when I did I have like 2-3 of each weapon I was like :0 but I killed the noob in about 3 minutes
Hello eggs,
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[Image: BKJm7mm.jpg?1]

Some months ago...

I already used 2 ice bows and 2 rails.
The bow is the best and dont say anything Smiley_Tongue But i never got it .-.
you guys poor Smiley_Tongue

Spoiler :
[Image: qv5mziN.png]

[Image: EMJ74WY.png]

[Image: JLAjfdF.png]

[Image: eczufcw.png]

[Image: PPAiw9l.png]

[Image: apG8v0Q.png]

[Image: hDXHSuh.png]

[Image: Q6ElADb.png]

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