Full Version: There Should bee a Cheaper Shell!
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ON BEO2 There should bee a Cheap shell Like 15 credits so Also Poor PLayers Should have a Credits shell. Tell me what you think!
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I Smiley_Heart BEO2


10-15 Credits???
Hmm.. 20 credits isnt much and there are free shells Smiley_BigGrin so i dont think you need even MORE cheaper shells
But if the pesron Doesn't like those Free shells.
That's only 5 more credits cheaper. It doesn't matter. If you can't afford the 20 credit shells. Chances are you won't be able to afford the 15 credits shells. And you have a computer, so you should be able to get the 20 credit shells.
Unlockable shells are the cheapest you will get.
Shells are incredibly cheap if you think about it. Without taking into account the bonus credits you receive with each different purchase amount the price of a 20 credit egg is 1 dollar.
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