Full Version: only prestige mode for beo 2 pro
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I saw someone suggest it for beo 1 but please write comments down to see if theres any harm that could come from this Smiley_Smile and if the pro player isn't prestige just let it be disabled for him/her
I don't understand exactly what it is you are suggesting.
I think he's suggesting a game mode where only prestige players can join.
yes wat the white hair elf said. sorry for not remember ur name
I'm sure this was suggested and refuted before. I'll try to find the thread later.
yeaaa !!!! I got 2 stars under my name now ! Smiley_Smile
I'd rather have the pro only. But both would be cool.
gothic ur idea cool too either way is close enough
Suggested an year ago by super sam
it'd get occasionally hard to fill especially 3 vs 3 matches.
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