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This came to my mind to send credits from one account to another, let's say someone wants to share credits with someone, they can just send it. Like a little bar that says how much credits and who do you want to send to.
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Bad idea and the reason is: in credits give away you get 25 credits or more, you will do fake accounts and send the credits to your real account.
That's why they can make a thing like you can only send 60 credits and more.

So my idea you can only send credits if you were more than level 70 and should be at least 65 credits or more.
Hmm, that sounds good Smiley_Tongue
Regardless of whether you limit it by level or by amount, it's a bad idea. It wouldn't be hard to level up an alternate account to 70, or even 99, if you wanted the ability. At that, even if you say "only 'x-amount' can be transferred" then you run into the problem of people spamming the game with accounts and boosting their accounts to get the "free" credits.
Yeah, because you know how you only have to win a one game to receive credits on the giveaways. Someone could create a bunch of side accounts just on that day and win with all of them, sending credits to themselves in their main account.
no due reasons above, it'd be too easy to cheat with sec. accounts and send credits to main account which buys everything.

even if limit would be 100 creds and level 99 it wouldn't stop abusing due it doesn't take that long to get to level 99 (~2 months even less if spends hrs playing beo).
Not a good idea.. if u hack someones account of a high level player that just bought credits u can send them to ur own.
And if you share your account. People would be able to steal your credits.
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