Full Version: Matthew's Ideas ( New Ideas #7 and #8 )
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Love the last idea. We should make tournaments and winners would win a specific amount of credits. Good job Smiley_ThumbsUp
we get enuf free credits per year, if you want more then buy or try your luck with superrewards.
im still wating they implement your idea of aim resetting, but seems ideas that encourage a better game are just discarded.
Not only you waiting for aim resseting feature and I think it won't take long time to code that feature.
Hello guys

New Idea 7 is out now. Hope you will like it and please leave feedbacks.

Thank you Matthew
I really like the Idea 7. I support this, however, I Don't hate randomly hitting people.
Sure matthew i hate it Smiley_Angry , i really wanted tha idea in a game .

Nice idea Smiley_Smile

regards to you Smiley_Wink .
I like idea ,but what about if u hit yourself will dmg be decreased or normal.
Anyways cant wait to see more ideas from you.
if you hit yourself or teammate the dmg to you will normal as it is now.

Thanks guys for yours comments.
7 sounds nice to me, but I don't see this as something the game really needs.
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