Full Version: Matthew's Ideas ( New Ideas #7 and #8 )
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Agreed. Tons of people quit before the game is over. They should do something about that.

Oh, and also, I like the rest of your ideas.
Smiley_BigGrin Some nice ideas, which only if are in pro, then they will be good.
Hello guys

Idea Number 5 and 6 are out!!!

Thank you

hope you will liek it Smiley_ThumbsUp

Nice to see u keep working on your thread

regarding idea number 5. i have my doubts, i know sometimes when u get the control of the chiken turns kinda annoying not getting the kill, maybe could work the condition of making more or some damage u will get teh kill, but could bring some issue, what about if the chicken get double player, how the game will know how many dmg considerate to give or not the kill, what if the second quitter made more dmg and he quit, but sound fair , because sometimes games are won by chickens.


regarding idea number 6

tournaments always are a huge attractive to every kind of players, old, pros, newbies, average, i dont know if could make old skilleds players back, the problem is not the game is the lack of skill the game need , the flat every matches are, the game was turned into a pay to win, or pay to hit sadly, everyupdate more unskilled weapons are added, and none new settings or new obstacles to be defeated for players that had polished the current settings, remember when skilled mode, and g and platforms were releases, was a huge boom , then party modes die to sooon, was interesting but the way devs turn the game kill fast the party modes,because ppl got used to shot everywehre and make dmg.
this don't mean an oficial tourney mode will not work, in fact could bring a new flavor to the current players and a new goal to get.

REgarding the credits price, idk, credits always bring envy and greed, i like more the shell price, or the badage, instead of credits or pack.


nice idea .

i loved it Smiley_Wink
i really supported idea number 6, but the winner should win shell instead credits, with his own choice.

That's true, it's more then sadly Smiley_Sad. Nowadays 99,9999999... % of players in the game are just suck and a lot of booster. How is it possible reach 10 prestige in one week... - it is very sadly. For me the game began die when the weapon pack 8, 9 & dragons were released (devils with space and 5 sec is very disappointment). I really miss early days when the game was released with only 3 pack. People atleast just try more difficult shoots.

P.S. Nowaday, 0 challenge Smiley_Sad
(07-03-2015 11:06 PM)Console.Write("FirstaidkiT") Wrote: [ -> ]That's true, it's more then sadly Smiley_Sad. Nowadays 99,9999999... % of players in the game are just suck and a lot of booster. How is it possible reach 10 prestige in one week

I know right! it hasn't even been out a month! I was shocked!


idea 6 is a good idea, brings more difference to the game. Makes it exciting too!
Nice ideas supported.
I support these ideas also.
Idea 5 seem kind of iffy... I have thought about something similar to this but I don't think it will happen personally. Not a bad suggestion though.

Idea 6 is a no brainer, everyone should want this. Something different than a lousy monthly xp leaderboard would be great. There could be different kinds of tournaments sorted by the settings of the game. Like Amateur (Walls, Jump, Speed), or Advanced (Wind, Gravity) for a example. Really want this to happen, don't quite understand why it hasn't, even if it did have prizes.
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