Full Version: Matthew's Ideas ( New Ideas #7 and #8 )
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i shoot very rarely with same aim since either opponent moves or i change target (for example opponent i was shooting is in hole after air strike or dfa or big boom) or change weapon (for example mortar and dfa have different aims). ok as pro-option not by default.
When I play, one of my goals is to never have or give the opportunity to my opponent to be able to shoot twice without changing his aim (that is one of the main reasons why I play with both random gravity and wind). This is definitely an interesting idea and I think I kind of like it. It might need a little bit more fine tuning, but it might be a nice idea for a pro setting.

What would your aim reset to? Would it go back to the way it is originally when the game starts?
Thanks, guys for positive feedbacks

Answer for Sir. Ploppington Question

The aim would be back to the original aim that was at the beginning of the game.
New Update and Ideas.

Thank you

love the idea of save a random map , and be able to use it any time as a main map, i agree on the price u say, the idea at the end its support the game, and we can delete and add a new random map we love, and yes sadly most of the random maps+platforms are better the main ones, and also they enourage more the need of aim that main ones
I agree, the map slots and panda should have their places in the game, but specifically the slots, those sound really nice to me.

At first I thought your map idea was being able to choose the order of maps when selecting them, that would be really helpful! Other inclusions of BEO1 shells that I am dying to see are these from competitions, such as @troll2's animal pack:

[Image: shells.png]

We need more animal shells, all I counted was 8 in BEO2 (mythical ones don't count).

yep mat it our idea with save random map is great:The shell doctor i have waited for this since the beo2 was releasedSmiley_Smile
I hope it'll be addSmiley_Smile
The map slots idea sounds good!
New idea is out guys!!!

Idea Number 4 about the quit button.

Thank you

WOWWWWWWW Brooo Smiley_Shocked Smiley_Shocked That is a GREAT Idea I've NEVER thought of that but danggg that would be an EXCELLENT thing to add into this game Smiley_ThumbsUp it would make it more fun too Smiley_Smile and so that you could actually GET Xp from the kills Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_Smile. AND YES it would reduce the rage quitters.
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