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There is NOW a NEW chat room just for people who play badeggsonline2 anyone and everyone is welcome
What's the point of this...? How is it different from... say, the chatroom here?
Stop remaking your topics. No one is joining. The old one is good enough.
I already reported the duplicated thread, not sure if this one is against any rule though (doesn't look like it, despite making yet another new "official" unofficial chatroom seems rather pointless).
I agree with you Inuyasha.
I'm not sure that anyone would put this into use seeing as now the devs have already provided the same services, and outside of that, mostly all clans have created their own for their own private purposes.
then what is the link to the current chat room because I never knew we already had one sorry for the miscommunication ... could anyone give me the link please and thank you
The link for the current chat room can be found at the top of the page. Additionally, others have tried creating community chat rooms in the past and nobody went to them. Those rooms ended up becoming various clan chats, and those clans have also died out.
Xats are commonly used, but they're awful. I absolutely resent them :L
All in all though, no need to fix it if it ain't broke.
if seems like no on is ever in the bad eggs online chat room at the top of the bad eggs online page
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