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[Image: curreny-releases-new-tape-announces-jet-...tour-dates]What's up BEO2 Playas?? FIRST AND FORMOST WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATING OURSELVES WITH THE NEW YORK JETS NFL team! This clan based off of artist Curren$y(my fav artist o f today) and the #jetlife.However anyone who is laid back and/or likes to fight with clan mates are welcome to join us Any 1 who is a member of the #flysociety are welcome to join and anyone else who assocciates themselves with the #jetlife or #cruiselifecc. There are some rules tho.
1. Be an active player
2. No excessive trash talk to where you're annoying
3. Fight with YA clan mates
4. During games actually play lol
5. Ask [JET$] JonYounkz about joining the clan(either during a game or in the forum)
6. If you are an official member you will be included in our thread
7. If you use the clan name and arent in the thread u just a poser
8. Stay chill and continuing bumping tunes
9. Communicate to members
10. Respect all YA clan mates

"Members" have come n gone but R.I.P Ctw0110 I hate ya account had to go down in flames like it did.


I've tried to clear out the non-actives and the clan hoppers so quite a few people have been cut out but My members(who are all my right hand guys) have been hard at it recruiting new players that I hope to soon add to the page! I'm thankful to have the guys I got yall are the best man!✊

J: Just
E: Enjoy
T: This

#JETLIFE= Just enjoy this life
In your second rule you say "No excessive trash talk to where you're annoying".

And then in rule four you say "During games feel free to spit some Curren$y lines lol"

So assuming this this rapper swears in his songs. You're just breaking your 2nd rule. Because we know all of the lines that will be "spit" are the lines with swear words in them. Rappers always swear in there most important lines. Smiley_Trollface

Good luck with your clan.
Lol thnx The 4th one is lighthearted btw
Good luck whit your clan!
Thnx much appreciated
No problem i always give best whishes to people who are making a clan
Seems interesting. Something a little bit different from all the other standard clans who make after others. Have fun, and good luck!
Appreciate it guys,trying to mix it up more than anything and add a more laid back/urban clan to the community to switch it up a little!
Well hopefully you will have participation in your clan. I think your best chances are to try to recruit IN GAME, more than in the forums because the majority of active forum users already are a part of a clan.
Good luck with your clan, I hope you do better than these fakers:

[Image: Dxu41ce.png]

[Image: A_F3MiQCAAA8wY8.jpg]

Again best of luck, Smiley_BigGrin

Note: Don't blame me for the content of this picture, blame the memes. Was not used to harm anyone and was in appropriate context
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