Full Version: New Idea 50 Credits Give away!
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I have idea, If there should bee 50 credits Give away,
Hey Rob and john should there bee 50 credits give away you get 50 credits for winning 60 games in a row?
Its possible and it can bee working for 1 day like 11:59-16:59 UK time?

first thing you posted in bug report
second people will spam this by playing with multi accounts
third people can play with two browsers and win 60 games in row
fourth money dont grow on the trees

so -ve from myside
Multi accs how?
i ahve not heared from'em i have only Eeliolio
I am getting sick and tired of people asking for free credits.

The Donkins already lose a ton of money giving away 20-30 credits. Be thankful that they even give away that much every holiday.
The forum category has already been mentioned, so I won't delve into that.

I think it would be all too easy to gain those credits, particularly for people in possession of weapon packs. Then there's the added problem of boosting/farming to achieve the goal of 60 consecutive wins.

I also feel that a mass giveaway of 50 credits is far too much. As a reward for the winner of a competition, I think it would be appropriate, but otherwise, no.
I still find it funny how every month or so we get a "new" idea consisting of the devs giving away credits for some random reason.

Really, it won't happen. Nice try.
(12-30-2014 09:10 PM)Gothic Demon Wrote: [ -> ]I am getting sick and tired of people asking for free credits.
amen to that.
Very Bad Idea I don't support it And i really Agree with Kami and gothic =]
All people want free credits! Come on you can buy it it's so cheap only 4.99$ for 100 credits means 2.55$ to for 50 credits.
60 wins as non-pro is ~1 hour (and much less if "opponent" quits) as non-pro and with pro and no quitting its ~2 mins.

and why so limited time? credit giveaways last 24 hrs not 18 hrs so with your time limit if player gets his/her 60th win 17.00 gmt then that player wouldn't get credits.
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