Full Version: New Idea 50 Credits Give away!
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People will be in 1v1 boosting. if they see pro they will leave if they see noob they will play. shouldn't this be in suggestions
hmm bad idea it have much reason like multi accounting etc..
why is this a bad, bad idea

big reason is because firstly you got in the wrong section. secondly 50 credits look at this:

let's say they are over 10,000 members about let's say 5,000 complete the 60 games challenge the amount will come up to. $250,000 estimated price of how much the donkins is spending on a idea which members will use multiple accounts, hacks they will do whatever they can.

the donkins could spend that on a new car for themselves or even make the game better.

so sorry strongly disagreeSmiley_Sad
(12-30-2014 10:29 PM)Vexis Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-30-2014 09:10 PM)Gothic Demon Wrote: [ -> ]I am getting sick and tired of people asking for free credits.
amen to that.

OK, But don't think i don't have any credits! I have Pro, 2 Shells (2 buy with money)
and 3 weapon packs, i just want to get pack 6!
This is still a bad idea. We can watch videos on superrewards (sometimes), there's the contests that occasionally occur (such as the Donkin's "design an egg" contest), and holidays (we just had Christmas). With all that, asking for free credits is like going out on the street and asking for money.

And you can't forget about the refer-a-friend program. If you complete that, you can get a maximum of 100 credits (and honestly, it's not that difficult to complete).
eeliolio: there are cred giveaways 2-4 times per year so we get 40-60 creds per year (I got 140 creds during BEO1 giveaways) plus competitions and referrals like tenchi said.
You kiding men 50 credit for win just 60 game in row
It's sad that this topic is still in bug reports. Where are the staff?
Now i ave all wep packs!
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