Full Version: BEO2 epic moments!
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Ill start this new topic of BEO2 epic moments! Jut post here screenshots of epic moments Smiley_BigGrin [Image: m6mn.png] here my epic moment Smiley_Tongue [/font]
oh wow. that is so lucky. Smiley_Smile

lucky or skilled. that is the question. Smiley_Wink
nice you lucky with the lag Smiley_XD gave you time enough to take screenshot.
nice capture Smiley_BigGrin
I'm guessing he recorded it, lol. If your skilled enough to take a screeny like THAT, then your truly are epic.

Hopefully I'll get some epic moments going again once I get my new computer. Smiley_Smile
That's so pro dude...more than the shot itself, taking the screenie is so darn pro...
he was taking a movie. if you look at the chat it says movie.
Vns man. PRO!

Btw egg666 will like this topic just like in Beo1 Smiley_Smile
nope i just asked some one to record my shot .... no one did... so its just a picture Smiley_BigGrin dont forgot to post epic moments Smiley_Tongue here's another epic moment,look at his name ahahahahah well done guy,well done! ahahaah
Don't want to be mean guys but he said for post of shots I can see why you guys said nice shot because it was but this topic is mainly for Epic moments/Shots. Smiley_Smile
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