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So, jaco has been ruining the forums with spam and such, so why not make a decent version of that! This is the actual version, and I assure you that it will not be horribly basis of such. Here are the nominees!
Clan Leaders:
Vexis (EoD)
Dazz_ (DEW)
Kaki (Clan coming soon) (It's gotten a lot of attention)
Navel (Beta)
I'd love to put TNT up here, but I'm not that self-centered.
SenSei (Maps, Shells)
Pixaner (3D Designs)
SwagMasterD (3D Renders)
Egg Of The Year:
Tenchi (At this point, he's basically an honorary mod)
Mageg and Grim-Cat (If you think the mods did well this year)
Rob And John (For creating this fantastic game)
SenSei (For graphics and level on leader boards)
Jacodude and Goldman2 (For spamming and ruining this forum) (For those who didn't get it, they are mock candidates)
Shadow (For raising awareness about Pakistan- not many people today will take five minutes for other people in a different country)
______ (If you're not happy with these candidates, write one in. No joke candidates, like Scifen. The only joke candidates here are Jaco and Goldman.)
Thanks you for participating the the ACTUAL Egg Of The Year Contest!
If you have a category to add or candidates, please post below.
Where am i D: I'm StB clan leader.Btw i vote for SenSei for hes skills in game.
man u just have to make a poll whit much IGN's in it then people can vote so people can vote for me also ^^
LOL Swag Smiley_XD nice thread lmfao. Umm I vote for Dazz because he's my leader/Bro and he is
awesome Smiley_Smile.
Just because you make a better version of this topic doesn't mean it should be on here. Me and a few members have posted on topics about the top ten best BEO2 players, and some other topics about the top "best" I don't really care to write another reply about that. But I will shorten it up for you.

There are no "best" players or forum members. We all (maybe not all) Are good in our own ways. We shouldn't make topics about people being "better" than other people.
whereas i normally like to shy away from naming names on things like this, in this case i have a few names, not on your list i'd like to throw down. Mind you i refuse to vote for myself or anyone in EoD. I do appreciate you putting my name up there though Smiley_Wink
I know you said only vote for one but I have a select few in mind. In no particular order they are:
Seshomaru - her clear thinking debating skills and unrivaled (except by tenchi) pointed reponses.
Inuyasha - His technical assistance on the forums are without a doubt superb in every way. Not to mention his xp thread. #GetStickied
Hidden Killer - this guy is everywhere and always willing to help. Speaks his mind and never means any harm. He's one of the real good ones.
Swag Master - recent works using his 3D printer shows SO much dedication, care, and earnest love for the game. Seriously, give this guy a big applause. He deserves it.
Pixaner - Long-time friend since beo1 and has shown the community how awesome it is if you put hard work into something you love. Still.....STILL to this day making epic artwork and even collaberating with Swag Master on the 3D prints. Swell of a fine job!
I know i'm on vacation but i still check the forums everyday. I miss nothing and read everything. I truly believe these people listed are to date 'some' of the most helpful people on here.
The best egg of the year is .... U ALLL Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_BigGrin thank you for this awesome year guys Smiley_Wink Smiley_Wink im very happy that i joined beo2 it was a nice idea. Most of u know me as Mennogamer and my second IGN is GIMMECREDITS Smiley_Tongue i joined almost every clan (whitout Beta and EoD) Smiley_XD but they all were nice! Smiley_Heart i made very nice friends in beo2 and i wil never forget them Smiley_Heart THX GUYS!
i vote for me and goldman i think we are one in the vote?
Thats a good post. Mm i think you forgot : Rayvel for being well... Hes rayvel.

And traf! He got the highest EGO evryone seen ever, just look at his posts haha.

Tought i remember just those ones , me and others are just famous, nothing special if not good players or knew players.
aww, vexis that is so great of you buddySmiley_Crying that has made my day.

my nominees will have to be,

GoldeNightmareDragon- He is a lively and calm egg who loves to comment and be fair

Vexis- He made be a alien but he is a great egg who loves to keep people smilingSmiley_Smile

Shadow- Great organized clan and spends time for other countries what some eggs don't have the guts tooSmiley_Tongue

DeathTheKid- Been a funny, wacky egg not a regular but loves to make people laugh hehe

Gothic demon- some people don't like this egg because he is different to some egg's and they get worked up because he speaks his mindSmiley_Wink

that's about it hope one of these win the "game" and a merry christmas to you all.

regards, Hidden Smiley_Ninja
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