Full Version: No daily spin and weird turn skipping
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second time during past week that no daily spin after closing that welcome screen (not a big loss but still) and today while playing 1 vs 1 everytime (twice) I moved a bit (~3 eggs distance) I got sent back to where I was and opponent got turn, didn't check if 3rd time is charm and decided to stay where I was.
I have the same in-game problem, when I tried moving my player, it would immediately end my turn and I would go right back to the spot I was in. This happened when controlling a chicken too.

At first this was happening to my team mate, and I thought he was just skipping his turn, which seemed really weird. This is a nasty little bug that needs taken care of soon.
SAMMEEE I just teleport as i step a inch and my turn gets skipped
Well, I have seen that problem a lot today and after I notice it, I got the point that when the any1 quits game just 1 Sec before your turn you lose your turn and this is so annoying, but the reason for auto teleport to back where you start to move is I just find out than when some changes occur in mode like in no fast movement you started to move faster and you can easily walk on places where you cannot move that time your shot will be already skip well these are just some symptoms I found out but there is no any kind of hacking thing just I think rob and John new patch is having some bugs.
I have had that SAME problem...where I move away from the egg and then it either takes me BACK to the same spot OR it puts me RIGHT NEXT TO the opponent egg making me look like a hider Smiley_Angry Smiley_Angry Smiley_Angry.
P.S this was when my account WASN'T banned.
I was playing with AmiiRo earlier and we were both having this problem.
Yep, sorry, this is our attempted patch that has issues. I will revert back to the old version and test it more thoroughly tomorrow.
No worries, Rob. We're all right along with you for this. We can deal with some glitches if that's what it takes to get rid of these nasty hackers! >.>
Thanks Plop, I appreciate that. Fingers crossed we are close with a solution now but obviously we want to make sure it's not causing issues for people.

UPDATE: There is a new patch out so please let me know if you see any of these sorts of issues again.
got spin today and no weird teleportations.
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